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The Foundation of Digital Magazine Publishing

Before diving down into the changes behind the digital revolution, you need to understand the foundation of it. There are fundamental decisions that need to be conceptualized, then planned out. Creating a detailed plan makes success more likely for those embarking on digital magazine publishing.

Digital magazine publishing is experiencing unique changes. For instance, Next Issue Media is offering an all-you-can-read read subscription service starting at $9.99. Other popular digital magazine apps are helping generate thousands of dollars through the Newsstand app. Which method of sale is right for you? It all depends on the foundation you create for your digital magazine publishing business.

To gain an idea of the structural parts needed for digital magazine publishing success, take a look at the snippets below. This content comes from the Seven Pillars of Digital Publishing Success webinar.

Concept #1 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Measurement – There are a number of data points that need to be measured. You need to understand the size of your audience and the revenue potential they can produce. It’s also important to look at your competition at this point, to determine the size of their audience as well.

Concept #2 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Content – How will you use both free and paid content to attract audience members and generate revenue? The way you organize your editorial and audience development staff will help dictate your content creation.


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Concept #3 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Community – Understanding who your community is and where they spend time is key to formulating a strategy that focuses on maintaining and measuring your most loyal audience members.

Concept #4 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Commerce – There are 12 models digital publishers are using to make money. You to need to understand which model is right for your content and organization.

Concept #5 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Findability – Being found through search and social media is drastically important, and this webinar will discuss how to do it.

Concept #6 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Usability – If a user can’t easily use your site, they will not participate with it. This section discusses global navigation and how a brand can make a user friendly website.

Concept #7 for Digital Magazine Publishing Success: Shareability – Distributing your content through multiple avenues is the best way to generate the most possible traffic. Discover ways to create efficiency in sharing during this module.

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