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An Encyclopedic Collection of Digital Publishing Strategy

Best practices in multiplatform publishing, digital magazines, audience development, and subscription websites

If you’re a publishing professional, don’t wait a minute longer before downloading our best practice handbooks. They were carefully curated into what we think are the most comprehensive handbooks on the four most important digital publishing topics:

  • Creating multiplatform publishing businesses
  • Designing and launching new digital magazines
  • Building organic site traffic through audience development
  • Developing the best structure and alignment for a profitable subscription website

Here’s what those who have downloaded our best practice handbooks have said so far:

I feel inspired to put renewed focus and effort into these practices, and I feel more equipped to incorporate various pieces of the larger operation into play.”

“I think one sentence in this resource that really sums up the truth of all the valuable information shared here is, ‘If you want a click, or if you want someone to download a product in exchange for their email address, even if it’s free, you have to work for it.’ Thank you for this truly insightful resource!

This handbook makes a very compelling argument as to how digital magazine publishing is the future of the industry, and then provides you with practical advice on how to jump in and take advantage of the forthcoming changes and opportunities.”

This is just PACKED with solid, practical advice. We’ve had a digital magazine for two years, but there are still plenty of ideas in here that I plan to implement.”

“After reading your Multiplatform guide, I am encouraged by the guidance on ways to increase revenue, etc., using content I already have, rather than continuously overworking myself to try to keep up momentum. “

“This is a valuable guide for anyone sitting on an archive of legacy content. It is filled with action-oriented content that lets you hit the ground running in publishing on multiple platforms.”

“I discovered a mix of insights and tips I hadn’t heard of (or heard of in that way), along with sound practices I recognize, but in all honesty haven’t made a priority for a regular ‘check up or check in,’ but I feel really inspired to put that in place and make it habit.”

“I am reevaluating the way we do our digital magazine, and will be using this report as part of my plan.”

Take our annually updated handbooks for a spin – they’re free!

Read: Multiplatform Publishing Strategy

The Multiplatform Publishing Strategy Handbook Multiplatform Publishing Strategy documents a seismic shift of historic proportions in our industry. Now is the time to learn from what some describe as the industry’s most comprehensive set of multiplatform publishing strategies and leverage them to make millions. When you read this handbook, you’ll discover how to drive traffic, turn casual visitors into an engaged audience, and finally to sell your content products in multitudes you’ve never imagined before. Read it and leave a review.

Read: The 2016 Mequoda American Magazine Reader Study & Handbook

The Mequoda Digital Magazine Market Study & HandbookTo produce the 2016 Mequoda American Magazine Reader Study & Handbook, our research team polled 3,241 US adults with Internet access to better understand their multiplatform magazine reading habits. We set out to understand how many print and digital magazines they were consuming, how much they’ve spent on digital magazine subscriptions and single copies in the past 12 months and how the multiplatform consumer may differ from their digital only and print only counterparts. Read it and leave a review.

Read: Organic Audience Development Strategy

The Organic Audience Development Strategy HandbookThis massive 200-page Organic Audience Development Strategy handbook is a comptehensive, painstakingly researched guide to everything you need to know about building a loyal and profitable audience, including all our tested and proven strategies and best practices. You’ll learn how to double, even triple your audience, and to turn more visitors, followers, and subscribers into buyers when you read this book. This handbook takes you from the big picture of building an audience to the minute but critical details about website architecture that helps you build email lists. You’ll learn how the most successful publishers optimize entire sites for Google, from choosing keywords to writing optimized content, social media, and email marketing. Read it and leave a review.

Read: Subscription Website Publishing

Subscription Website Publishing The Subscription Website Publishing Handbook is specifically written about subscription websites. It delivers rigorously researched details on the websites that can help you in starting a subscription website, maximizing its content and, above all, joining the ranks of the best subscription websites that support successful multiplatform publishing empires. We also include real-life case studies of the best subscription websites so you can see how theory works in actual practice. Find out how you can successfully raise your subscription price – and increase circulation at the same time. Learn how not to survive a recession. Discover the role that a digital edition of your magazine can play in successful subscription website publishing. You get inside information on publishers just like you who’ve started from scratch, or who have taken struggling print brands and turned them into internet sensations. Read it and leave a review.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of using Mequoda secrets while growing your multiplatform publishing business!

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