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Consulting Services

Make more money online in 2013 with the Mequoda Marketing Method for publishers

Demand for digital products is growing exponentially, and print is failing. Are you ready to ride the profit train, or will you be left at the station?

Already, successful publishers like American Ceramics Society, Business & Legal Resources, Consumer Reports, The Motley Fool and Harvard University have used the Mequoda Method to increase their online earnings from a single-digit percentage of revenue to 20%, 50%, even 100%.

You can join them. The Mequoda Method is a proven, fully integrated, low-cost, high-efficiency system that helps publishers launch incredibly successful online publishing and marketing operations. If you’re not already making the online profits you need to thrive, Mequoda and its staff of experts can guide you to millions.

“If you want to make more money online — listen to Mequoda.
Chuck McCullagh
Former Senior Vice President
Magazine Publishers of America

Hire a Digital Publishing Consultant

Mequoda has 15 years of experience, a staff of highly trained experts, and a comprehensive process for everything from evaluating your online opportunities, to creating an integrated e-commerce program and complete digital subscription management system, to building and managing the most cost-efficient, sophisticated website available to publishers today.

Our digital publishing consultant services include professionals with decades of experience in:

  • Audience development, including strategy, analytics, direct marketing and journalism
  • System design, development and maintenance
  • Creative direction, marketing strategy, copywriting and journalism
  • SEO research, Google analytics, reporting and analysis
  • Business modeling, budgeting, reporting data analysis, computer modeling, project management, fulfillment system reporting and direct marketing

And unlike other digital publishing consultants, Mequoda delivers continual training and support, so your team is always up to speed, no matter who’s promoted, who departs or who’s newly hired. Your entire organization develops the confidence and skills to grow your business far into the 21st century.

We are ready to help you make millions online.

Business Plan Development Program

Establish your organization as a leader in your niche online.

Mequoda’s Business Plan Development Program starts with your raw assets, including content, brands, subscribers, advertisers, and staff, and creates a bullet-proof, five-year business plan.

Mequoda quantifies and documents a step-by-step process for growing your business by developing a robust online marketing system, and then expanding your product offerings by deploying your content in the appropriate digital formats. Because we’ve guided so many clients through this process, we can leverage proven best practices such as our proxy metric model and benchmark operating statistics, so you will …

  • Accurately forecast five-year revenues
  • Create a detailed system development plan, including all of the development, training, and ongoing operational costs
  • Develop new premium content, such as newsletters, books, events and a premium membership reference library
  • Create digital marketing channels to enable sustainable sales of those products

Don’t guess. With Mequoda, you can go from 0 to online profitability in just a few years, even months efficiently, cost-effectively and painlessly.

Marketing System Development Program

Get a sophisticated, fully functional website for a fraction of the cost of a start-up.

Our Marketing System Development Program leverages the industry’s most comprehensive database of website design best practices so you pay only for the build time, not for R&D.

Since 1997, Mequoda has documented, tested, and validated guidelines for every facet of integrated website design. Our principles are followed by more than 60,000 publishers, editors, content producers, and website designers around the world. Highly functional and usable, our designs are continuously evolving, based on ongoing feedback from our clients. And our creative and system teams have a wide knowledge base of the latest SEO and social media best practices and plugins, so you can be assured that we’ll make your system Google-friendly and social media ready.

When complete, the comprehensive platform for generating and monetizing an online business that we build will help you …

  • Drive website search rankings
  • Increase qualified website traffic
  • Convert visitors to email newsletter subscribers and buyers
  • Boost sales of subscriptions and all related products
  • Enhance online advertising revenue

You get a comprehensive platform for generating and monetizing an online business that gives you complete flexibility to meet your customers’ needs, and allows your customers to fully enjoy and easily buy all your content and other information products.

Marketing Systems Management Program

Step away from the technical morass and spend your time doing what you do best – creating great content and generating vast new revenues.

Mequoda’s Marketing Systems Management Program allows you to implement and run your system in our ASP environment. Our operating environment includes a state-of-the-art LAMP data center, 24/7 administrative support, comprehensive system maintenance, and customized operator training and support. The open source, fully portable Haven Publishing System is GPL and WordPress compatible, and includes up to seven fully integrated modules that operate as a seamless customer experience management system (CXMS). They include:

  • Haven Nexus: the ultimate audience development CMS
  • Haven Solo: direct response marketing made easy
  • Haven Cart: smoothly integrated online e-commerce
  • Haven Gate: comprehensive premium subscription management
  • Haven Thread: integrated user forums
  • Haven List: search engine optimized online directories
  • Haven Live: integrated event management

When you put your system management into the hands of the industry’s only publishing-centric provider, your organization reaps the benefits of stress-free technology, content-focused implementation and ongoing profitability.

Audience Development Growth Program

Capture a continually expanding, highly qualified audience and customer base.

Our Audience Development Growth Program delivers our knowledge and training to help you engage that ever-growing digital audience.

The Mequoda Method relies heavily on SEO and organic audience development, which has two major benefits: It’s cost effective, and it delivers eager buyers who trust your information and are actively seeking your products. We have a full-time staff of Internet strategists, Google analysts and SEO copywriters who will help you implement our proven method so you can …

  • Create content that will drive traffic to your website using our powerful, proprietary five-part Audience Development Analytics Suite of Google Analytics data
  • Identify unmet audience needs to drive more sales
  • Measure your ROI so you always know which channels, links, and topics are working and which are not
  • Increase audience engagement to encourage more audience use of your site and increase sales
  • Improve efficiencies to help you make more informed staffing and resource decisions based on trend and traffic analyses

Become the go-to provider of information products in your niche and establish your digital publishing empire.

Publishers just like you trust the Mequoda Marketing Method

The power of our method is proven every day by our clients who deploy it to make millions online. It works for both B2B and B2C publications, and for books, online content, professional training programs, and niche periodicals. You can use it to sell videos, ebooks, events and much more – any content product you can name.

“We’ve found the Mequoda Method to be effective at helping us create entirely new streams of revenue.”
Robert Michel
The Dark Report


“We’ve used the Mequoda Method to sell thousands of books, videos, and subscriptions.”
Sherman Hall
Managing Director
American Ceramics Society

“We’ve rebuilt our entire online presence around the Mequoda Method.

Phil Ash
Investing Daily

“We’ve used the Mequoda Method to build the world’s largest Spanish-language health care website.”

Carl Kravetz
Publisher & Executive Director
Vida y Salud

We use the Mequoda Method to sell out our executive education programs.

Gail Odeneal
Director of Marketing, Program on Negotiation
Harvard Law School

How we can help you generate millions online

Mequoda has already helped hundreds of editors, publishers, and content producers grow their online businesses by increasing website traffic, helping them develop new information products, and building and managing websites. We start with a highly personalized analytical approach so we can assess and prioritize your business opportunities and needs. From there, we develop an actionable program that’s designed to grow your online traffic, revenues, and profits.

Getting started as a multi-million dollar online publishing business is easy. To schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation and needs, call our Operations Manager at (508-686-6018) or email ( We look forward to discussing your needs and seeing how our experience, best practices, and programs can work for you and your business.