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Welcome to Mequoda Pro!

Welcome to our 3-hour digital publishing secrets program. You can ask questions specific to the videos you are watching and see what questions other members have asked.

A Brief Introduction From Don & Ed

MODULE 1: ABC’s of Digital Publishing

This is your introduction to the Mequoda Method – the secret weapons that some publishers have and other online players – even the most legendary names – haven’t yet discovered. Once you’ve learned how to properly manage the ABCs (audience, brand and content) you may completely rethink your publishing operation! This module delivers the elements you should be leveraging to maximize your profits.

MODULE 2: Leveraging Media Trends

Leveraging Media Trends

Learn how to measure digital success with a little thing we call the Online Media Index, a number that will reveal the health of your entire online publishing operation. We’ll show you how even the biggest players are failing in this measurement and how niche publishers can learn from others’ successes and mistakes – and you’ll begin to see your own profitable path forward.

MODULE 3: Selling Digital Content

Selling Digital Content

Surprise – you have products lurking in your content that you haven’t discovered yet. From these new products to new marketing channels to the right website infrastructure, you’ll find out exactly what drives revenues for a variety of business models from The Motley Fool to HR Daily Advisor and Knitting Daily, and begin to see how you can translate these strategies to make millions of your own.

MODULE 4: Selling Digital Advertising

Selling Digital Ads

Digital advertising is still a new game, and some players have learned how to win. We’ll show you how to maximize revenues no matter what your products are, and how to make the most money with the least risk. Get specific strategies, from to Forbes to Media Bistro, that have proved especially profitable for different business models – and some of them will be perfect for you.

MODULE 5: SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

Without an audience, your subscription website is essentially invisible. That’s why effective keyword research is the fundamental skill every digital marketer and publisher must master in order to truly understand and capitalize on the search behaviors of their audience. Learn the elusive tricks of the Google Keyword Planner, and discover how to truly serve and build your audience, become a leader in your niche and generate more conversions through effective keyword research.

MODULE 6: Building Media Websites

Building Media Websites

To grow and profit online, a multiplatform publisher must have a website that drives traffic, builds relationships, and sells subscription and information products. Learn how to develop an efficient website strategy – one that enables you to build a better website in less time, and for less money. Take a look at our proven website strategy and take away steps for radically improving website usability and reducing time to market.

MODULE 7: Attracting Website Visitors

Attracting Website Visitors

Learn a variety of strategies for driving traffic and leveraging your website’s architecture to capture email addresses and build relationships – the keys to selling products to your audience in multitudes. From Google search to email to social media to legacy print products, even live events, we deliver proven methods for generating a devoted audience of customers efficiently and cost-effectively

MODULE 8: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Blogging and social media are at the heart of online marketing, but few publishers approach them with any kind of organized plan. Worse, you may think you have to keep reinventing the wheel in order to execute a content marketing strategy. But in this module, you’ll discover how a social media campaign that repurposes long-form magazine articles into short-form blog and social media posts can build a massive audience and generate new sales.

MODULE 9: Integrated Campaign Management

Integrated Campaign Management

Do you want your business to make millions online? Then start by giving content away. Enjoy a real-world case study in which a small niche publisher used the Mequoda SEO Campaign Method to make millions of dollars from a single piece of free content, and get a campaign blueprint you can use to sell premium product in multitudes – starting immediately!

MODULE 10: Digital Magazine Marketing

Digital Magazine Marketing

Digital magazines are the future of the industry, but no one is quite sure how to create and marketing them. We’re at the forefront of this revolution, and we’ll teach you how to craft digital subscription offers, price your products, deploy killer copywriting and leverage all of those things across multiple platforms, so you can master this new, uncharted publishing platform.

MODULE 11: Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Believe it or not, many publishers monitor all the wrong metrics, and of course, there’s a bewildering number of them in Google Analytics. Find out how to use Google Analytics as a way to monitor the performance and success of your web and email activity, ecommerce systems, and SEO and link-building efforts, allowing you to maximize return from every business decision you make.

MODULE 12: Conducting A Multi Platform Audit

This module delivers a quantifiable methodology, or scorecard, for auditing your current market position. By analyzing scorecard data, you’ll see how changing one metric in your operation can mean millions in new revenues, and how to identify high- and underperforming areas. In the end, you’ll be ready to use this ultimate audience reporting tool to make bulletproof resource allocation decisions.

MODULE 13: Modeling The Future

Modeling The Future

You don’t need a crystal ball. In this module, you’ll get a simple, comprehensive way to predict the future of your digital publishing business with confidence. We’ll walk you through Mequoda’s proven model, and you’ll take away a master spreadsheet, including revenues, expenses and profits, which you can use to build a complete and profitable digital publishing business.

MODULE 14: Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development

Find out how to map out your new empire so that everyone’s on board, discover which data is most important in your business planning, and find the funding to make it all happen. This module delivers a time-tested business plan that you can use to rally the troops, gain executive support, and when necessary, raise capital for your digital publishing business.