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Module 3: Selling Digital Content

Welcome to Mequoda Pro!

Digital Publishing Secret #3: The business models that create blockbuster magazines

What you’ll learn:

Surprise – you have products lurking in your content that you haven’t discovered yet. From these new products to new marketing channels to the right website infrastructure, you’ll find out exactly what drives revenues for a variety of business models from The Motley Fool to HR Daily Advisor and Knitting Daily, and begin to see how you can translate these strategies to make millions of your own.


  • Don Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ed Coburn, Chief Content Officer

Time: 16 minutes, 22 seconds

Download: SellingDigitalContent.pdf

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2 Responses to “Module 3: Selling Digital Content”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Hi Karen,

    We’re hosting these on-demand videos with Wistia ( and are using our own proprietary Haven Nexus CXMS system. More info here: — this would be a good example of on-demand webinars, yes! 🙂

    Thanks for watching,

    Amanda MacArthur
    Managing Editor, Mequoda

  2. karen Says:

    Hi, What webcast platform is this you’re using? I’d like to model this course module format. Is this an example of on demand webinars?

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