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Summit 2013

Mequoda Gold Member Summit Agenda 2014

Gold Members should call 855-830-6006 or email for personal registration services.

Preliminary Agenda

Welcome and Industry Overview — Don Nicholas, CEO & Lead Consultant

Mequoda Benchmark Analytics Review
Mequoda tracks all of our client data and rolls it up into benchmark data. This session reviews the important figures and trends that can help you shape your plans for the coming year.

Mequoda Best Practices 2014
Presentations by members of the Mequoda team on new and revised best practices for:

  • Creating compelling and effective content
  • Building your email list
  • Email copy and design
  • Digital publication design

Making the most of Google Analytics

Briefing on new Haven system features

Case study spotlight — get the benefit of learning from your fellow Mequoda
Gold Members’ successes.

Executive Power Panel — hear from select Mequoda Gold Members about their plans for the coming year.

Plus, we’ll announce next year’s Mequoda Rocket Award winners, revealing the Gold Members who have grown their website traffic the most and how they did it.

All of this in a new, compact 1 1/2 day, format designed to help you make the most of your Mequoda system and to maximize the profitability of your business.

Mark your calendar today.