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Summit Speakers


Don Nicholas, Chief Executive Officer, Mequoda Group
Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda and Lead Consultant, has guided the development of more than 110 successful niche media websites including Consumer Reports, HR Daily Advisor, Investing Daily, Johns Hopkins Health Alerts, Knitting Daily, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and Vida Y Salud. He is an expert in new business development, digital publishing and Internet marketing.  His team’s Mequoda Method books, reports and posts were downloaded more than 850,000 times last year.  This year more than 100 publishing executives will complete his quarterly Internet Marketing Intensive where they will learn his comprehensive system for digital publishing and marketing.
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Ed Coburn, Chief Content Officer and Lead Consultant, Mequoda Group
Ed Coburn Ed Coburn is a veteran operator in the field of niche media, with extensive B2B and B2C operating experience. Previously he was Publishing Director at Harvard Medical School’s consumer health media group, co-founder and Managing Director of Circadian Information, Group Publisher at Cutter Information Corp., and a marketing manager at Cahners Publishing Company.  He has deep knowledge of product development, marketing, editorial, publishing technology, organizational development, developing and working with strong brands, and other issues facing publishers. Ed is responsible for shaping and implementing Mequoda’s corporate content strategy as well as working with Mequoda clients to develop and implement the Mequoda Method.
Aimee Graeber, Chief Technology Officer and Lead Architect, Mequoda Group
Aimee Graeber Aimee Graeber is Mequoda’s CTO and Lead Architect. She is the architect of the Haven Nexus System and manages all system consulting, design, development, maintenance, training and support for clients. She sets and oversees the implementation of Mequoda Best Practices for all hosted systems. Aimee and her team also work with Mequoda Gold Member Clients to set and oversee the implementation of Mequoda System Best Practices for all systems hosted in the Haven Nexus Data Center. Aimee also works with clients who build and manage their own systems.
Laura Pittman, Chief Operating Officer, Mequoda Group
Laura Pittman, COO of Mequoda, is responsible for modeling, budgeting, reporting and analyzing data for Gold Member Clients, working directly with them to help them understand the impact of the Mequoda System on their own businesses. Laura is formally trained as an accountant, and is an expert in computer modeling, reporting and business analysis, and is a specialist in project management, fulfillment system reporting and direct marketing. Laura teaches business analysis and modeling at Mequoda events.
Nancy Horan, System Director, Mequoda Group
Nancy Horan As a Mequoda Systems Director, Nancy Horan works with clients in the Mequoda System Management group to help manage, design, build and deliver best practice Mequoda Online Marketing Systems. She is well versed in Mequoda best practices, WordPress, WhatCounts email management software and other software components that connect with the Haven Nexus System.
Gareth Gunn, System Director, Mequoda Group
 Gareth Gunn Gareth Gunn, a Mequoda Systems Director, is a software engineering expert who works with clients to help manage, design, build and deliver best practice Mequoda Online Marketing Systems. He is also responsible for Mequoda’s entire website and its role as a flagship site demonstrating Mequoda best practices to visitors. He is well versed in Mequoda best practices, systems needs analysis and usability. Component expertise includes WordPress, WhatCounts email management software, integrated e-commerce solutions and other software components that connect with the Haven Nexus System.
Norann Oleson, Analytics Manager, Mequoda Group
Norann Oleson As Mequoda’s Analytics Manager, Norann Oleson is responsible for preparing and updating the Mequoda proprietary Audience Development Analytics Suite for Gold Member clients. In this capacity, she performs research, creates reports, analyzes results and helps drive traffic for clients. This makes Norann a master of data and analytics for dozens of business and consumer publishers, with an understanding of more comparable data than any single-company analyst. Norann holds a Google Analytics Individual Certification.
Amanda MacArthur, Research Director & Managing Editor, Mequoda Group

Amanda MacArthur

Amanda MacArthur is responsible for all the research and articles you read on the Mequoda Daily portal and every email newsletter delivered to your inbox from us. She is also our in-house social media expert and would love to chat with you over on @Mequoda. She has worked with Mequoda for almost a decade, helping to evolve the Mequoda Method through research, testing and developing new best practices in digital publishing, editorial strategy, email marketing and audience development. Amanda is a co-author of our four digital publishing handbooks.
Mark Hintz, CEO, Sovereign Media
Mark Hintz has launched over 20 special-interest magazines, trade shows and websites, as well as Publishers Service Associates, a mid-sized high quality fulfillment provider to hundreds of magazines, newsletters, ezines, websites, books and products. He has also served as Vice President at Empire Press, General Manager/Circulation Director at Grit Publishing Co., and Assistant Circulation Manager for Reader’s Digest Association.
Stuart Hochwert, President, Prime Publishing
Stuart Hochwert is CEO and founder of Prime Publishing which operates 31 craft and cooking Mequoda portals with more than 5 million monthly average users (MAUs). He is currently working with Mequoda to launch associated digital magazines. Before launching Prime, Stuart founded Ampere Media, an Internet direct marketing firm. He previously worked as Vice President at Clapper Publishing, where he was a client of Don Nicholas’ previous company, Blue Dolphin, and was also co-founder and Executive Vice President of MarketShare Inc. prior to that.
Susan Laden, Publisher, Biblical Archeology Society
Susan Laden was the first employee of the Biblical Archaeology Society and its associated magazine, Biblical Archaeology Review. Following the society’s leading role in the publication of the famed Dead Sea Scrolls, Susan worked as an independent consultant and then later spent two years on staff preparing Equus magazine for purchase. Later she launched and was publisher for BabagaNewz, a magazine on Jewish values for the 4th through 7th grade Congregational and day school market, and finally returned to BAS in late 2003.
Gail Odeneal, Director of Marketing, Harvard University Law School
Gail Odeneal is a top Mequoda operator who currently directs marketing for Harvard’s Program on Negotiation. Her past experience includes work as the Program Marketing Manager at Boston’s renowned Museum of Fine Arts, Senior Project Manager at Mequoda Group, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Dolphin, and Senior Vice President for Consumer Marketing at IDG/Computerworld.

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