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Readability rules for subscription websites

Peter A. Schaible

Making your online newsletter easier to read is a matter of both writing style and formatting technique. Here are some helpful hints.   Continue

How to format attractive, easy-to-read, printer-friendly pages

Peter A. Schaible

Create “print and read” email newsletters

Many subscribers prefer to “print and read,” rather than read on screen. But, often, printer-friendly pages appear only marginally better than the original web page.   Continue

Marketing your membership website via search engine optimization

Peter A. Schaible

Most new visitors to any site get there as a result of a search engine search. What are the secrets to getting maximum visibility and top ranking?   Continue

Optimizing the User Experience: Excerpts from a Government Report

Peter A. Schaible

“Users will make the best use of websites when information is displayed in a directly usable format and content organization is highly intuitive. Websites should be designed to facilitate and encourage efficient and effective human-computer interactions.”   Continue

How to know if your membership website search engine ranking is being hijacked?

Peter A. Schaible

Beware the 302 server redirect, which can either cause search engine traffic to your website to disappear or redirect the traffic you deserve to another website.   Continue

Seniors lead online growth and create opportunities for premium information sites

Peter A. Schaible

Senior citizens are the only minority group that everyone is trying to get into! They generally have some money, so many smart marketers are trying to sell something to them. That includes savvy information product developers.   Continue

From magazine to book to subscription website: Is this a viable business model?

Peter A. Schaible

Magazine publishers, book publishers and membership website publishers are re-inventing the revenue models for cross-selling information.

A recent article in Community, the quarterly newsletter of Barnes & Noble Booksellers, explains how a simple “get-to-know-you” meeting between the editors of Good Housekeeping and the magazine’s new book publishing partner, Sterling, led to a great book idea.   Continue

The 12 commandments of publishing a membership website or online newsletter

Peter A. Schaible

Like immutable laws of nature, some rules are ironclad. Follow these directives and you can expect to succeed. Ignore even one of them and your business and personal achievements will be significantly diminished.   Continue

Trade Shows or Industry Conferences Are a Great Source of Content

Peter A. Schaible

New content for online publishers by covering trade show and conferences

Attendance is down at shows and conferences, making it more important than ever that you cover such events.   Continue

Your (U.S.) Tax Dollars at Work: Government Guidelines for Organizing and Designing Your Membership Website

Peter A. Schaible

Your (U.S.) tax dollars at work: A government report on research-based web design and usability provides guidelines for organizing and designing your membership website with the subscriber in mind   Continue