10 Email Marketing Vendors That Publish Great Blogs

Check out these email marketing vendors who have a knack for publishing great case studies and informative research

At Mequoda Daily, we blog a whole lot about email marketing. We talk to clients and other publishers so that we can pull together great case studies to learn from. However, since we can only pull so much data from everybody, we also keep up to date on the blogs of email marketing vendors who often release reports and case studies that are really helpful to our research and best practice development.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out these great email marketing vendors who always have some great ideas to push out.

1. The MailChimp blog is great because they often release white papers and email templates that are free for their subscribers. Since MailChimp offers a free account, it’s easy to get your hands on all of these great resources.

2. CheetahMail’s Email Responsibly blog is a fantastic resource for case studies and email newsletter reviews, demonstrating results that can help you in your own campaigns.

3. The WhatCounts blog does a good job at reporting the news from other sources, like MarketingSherpa, Forrester and ReturnPath. Since they just merged with BlueSkyFactory, you can look forward to even more great posts.

4. While Blue Sky Factory’s blog is still up and running (likely moving over to WhatCounts), I’m still going to comment on it, because it’s a fantastic resource. Not only do they have first-hand guest posts from clients on their blog, but they also review their own webinars and bring in email marketing experts to offer a wide variety of strategy opinions and expertise.

5. ReturnPath is a delivery vendor who has a couple great blogs too. Like BlueSkyFactory, they offer guest blogs and case studies in addition to all-inclusive blog posts like their Word of the Week series and other news topics on email marketing.

6. Aweber’s email marketing blog is a good mix of company updates in addition to fun posts like The Hipster Email Marketing Handbook and Do This! (Not That) For AWesome Emails.

7. The ExactTarget blog is another great resource, offering tips on design, best practices, strategy and deliverability. Their posts are incredibly thorough and information-packed. They don’t publish blogs on any regular schedule from what I could tell, but they certainly publish in bulk.

8. Constant Contact’s Constant Commentary blog is written by many of the staff over at Constant Contact. From what I can tell, they also encourage user-generated content, which is why it’s located in their community portal. Their community portal also offers a great resource for discussion forums.

9. The Responsys blog is a collection of shout-outs and email marketing reviews, which offer a great insight into what works (and doesn’t work) in many different industries.

10. Vertical Response has a blog, which unlike many other business blogs, has a very personal and approachable feel to it. All blogs are written in the first person and offer some great opinion insights and helpful analysis. Ironically, these posts don’t have an author attached to them, or a date for that matter, but you can tell from the content that the blog is updated in a weekly or daily basis.

Obviously, there are tons of email marketing vendors out there that blog, so if I missed any that you pay particular attention to, be sure to share their links in the comments below.

    John M.

    Thanks for these resources. I find the tips from Aweber really good, and quite entertaining too. I just published an article on my blog that talks about email marketing tips and would love to get your comments. The link is:http://tinyurl.com/6cb4g6z

      Chris S.

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment and we’re glad you found the resources helpful.



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