11 Tips for Standing Out in the Inbox

If you’re an email copywriter, you should consider these tips

Email copywriters are expected to write intriguing subject lines that get opened.

Of course, that isn’t the only task email copywriters face. Creating great body copy for the email is important to. You don’t want to just get recipients to open the emails; you want them to take action as well.

Today, let’s talk about ways to stand out in the inbox and get people to open your email. The first few tips come directly from experienced copywriters we’ve worked with.

The last five tips are specifically for email copywriters looking to gain more audience members through link-building activities. These five tips come from a recent article on SEOmoz.

11 tips for better email copywriting

Email copywriting tip #1: The benefit subject line – Features are great but benefits are greater. Professional email copywriters know to imply a promise associated with your content, product or service.

Email copywriting tip #2: The how-to subject line – These emails subject lines tell the reader they will learn how to do something that interests them. If you want to be successful with these types of subject lines, make sure your email content executes on this promise.

Email copywriting tip #3: The list email subject line – Compile a list of interest of your audience and they will know exactly what’s inside the email they’ve received. For instance, this article’s title promised 11 tips for standing out in an inbox, and it’s provided that information.

Email copywriting tip #4: The question email subject line – Everyone has opinions. Asking a question gets people interested in reading further and putting in their two cents.

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Email copywriting tip #5: The testimonial subject line – Great copywriters know how to provide validation and social proof associated with content, products or services. Although testimonials are often used in body content, using one in a subject line may prove effective.

Email copywriting tip #6: The targeted email subject line – If you want your core audience to read your content, identify them directly with topics they seek.

The following email copywriting tips are specifically related to the process of using email to get link reviews.

Email copywriting tip #7: Keep subject lines short – This is email copywriting 101. Using short subject lines will help your message stay intact whereas email providers may truncate long subject lines.

Email copywriting tip #8: Make subject lines natural – Asking for links is a personal process and you need to make your correspondence show that personal touch.

Email copywriting tip #9: Do not write “link request” in the subject line – Creating and sustaining a relationship is important to receiving links. Asking for links from the start will likely turn people off to your communication or make people believe you are spamming them.

Email copywriting tip #10: Send emails as a person – Again, you want to approach this process from a personal standpoint. Sending requests from a company or web team might suggest spam, or at least hinder the building of a personal relationship.

Email copywriting tip #11: Use a natural salutation – Greet the person you are addressing like you would a friend of yours. Often times this greeting will show in the email preview window, and a natural salutation will help the email get opened.

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