15 Idea-Driven Articles About Email Newsletter Marketing

Create email newsletters that rock, with these 15 email newsletter marketing articles and 4 free white papers

How many blogs do you read per day? I often find myself reading only the articles with the catchiest headlines that I see on Twitter or in my email inbox. I have an RSS feed too, so sometimes when I’m waiting for a plane, or say, in line for a hotdog, I’ll break out the RSS reader on my phone.

The point is that with my valuable spare time, I’m consuming, at most, 10 articles per day and I consider myself a stallion for even being able to digest that much.

At the Mequoda Daily, we post at least three articles per day, creating about 780 articles per year. That’s 30% of my yearly article consumption. And these aren’t news articles or quick-tip articles. Many of our articles are in-depth best-practice pieces that may have taken hours, weeks or years to take from concept to completion.

Getting to the point, which is that we don’t expect even our most loyal readers to read every article we post. In fact, 66.6% of our articles now go direct to our RSS feed and Twitter and only see an email newsletter during our week-in-review.

So today when I thought about writing another best-practice email newsletter tip, I stopped. I considered the wealth of information that we’ve researched and written in the past that could be helpful to new and casual readers of Mequoda Daily.

I’ll of course start this out by reminding you that we have a bunch of free white papers. Yes, the for-real kind of free. If you like these articles I’m about to mention, then you’ll love them bundled up and organized neatly in a white paper.

  • 10 Email Newsletter Design Best Practices – This white paper runs down the best practices of design and strategy for email newsletters. As always, these best practices come from industry testing, case studies and interviews, never opinion or theory.
  • Email Copywriting Basics – If you’re an online journalist struggling to adapt to your new role of editor/marketer, this white paper will give you tons of examples and tips for writing emails that sell.
  • Editorial Management Guidelines for Online Publishers – Despite the name, this white paper is very email-centric and shows editors how to build and maintain and email editorial schedule.
  • The 17 Best Email Subject Lines – If your time is precious to you and you only want to download one of these white papers, I’d recommend this one. It was written by Peter A. Schaible, a very talented copywriter and will give you TONS of ideas that you can start using right away.

Now on to the articles. I hope these articles will inspire you just as much as they did us, when we researched and wrote them originally.

And there are still more to be read and be written, so let us know what your favorite articles on email marketing and newsletter have been and what you’d like to see more of in the future!


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