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2 Email Types for Increasing Website Traffic for Online Businesses

An email strategy utilizing these email types can help you sell more products and build your audience

The types of emails you send to your list have a lot of impact. The content has to contain real value or people will opt-out.

To your audience, value is anything that helps them live their lives better. For instance, if your target audience is interested in your company because you provide top-notch information on nutrition and fitness, then your content is valuable to them because it allows for healthier living.

If you provide financial news, your content is valuable because it helps people manage their hard-earned money and invest wisely.

Or, if you are like Mequoda Daily, you provide content for online publishers, content marketers and online editors in the hopes of helping them stay current with best practices within the industry so that they can perform their job requirements better.

Below, this article discusses two types of emails that publishers use to keep their audience entertained and informed, sell aligned products and build their email circulation.

Two email types for online success

Email Type #1 – Sales Letter: Long-form sales letters are still handy in selling products because they allow the author to be incredibly transparent by expressing all the values associated with an aligned product.

In addition to explaining the value, sales letters can incorporate images of the product for a better understanding. Video and audio content can be used to enhance the experience and keep users on the page longer.

Finally, all email correspondence that includes a sales letter should have multiple opportunities for the recipient to buy the product or sign up for the event by easily clicking on a button. When we email our sales letters, we typically incorporate five sales buttons within the copy alone. The right nav usually houses another three chances for the user to sign up, without being pushy or overwhelming.

An email sales letter should include the following components:


-Product review

-Features product

-Embedded links

-Conclusion text ad

-Subscription admin

Email Type #2 – Circulation Builder: The circulation builder is a way to build your audience while keeping your current audience engaged and subscribed to your list.

Our members might recognize our circulation builders as the Free Report Friday emails we send out promoting for our free downloadable reports.

To possess the most possible value, the free reports should be comprehensive and include information that can help your audience achieve something of substance.

Our most recently released free report is titled Million Dollar Landing Page Templates. It includes best practices found within landing pages that have generated upwards of a million dollars in revenue. It also incorporates case studies of these million dollar landing pages and has two free landing page templates which can be customized to fit your website.

To promote this report, we sent out a short email linking to a long-form sales letter, where interested parties could download the Million Dollar Landing Page Templates free report.

In hopes of building our circulation, we encourage the sharing of the email and the tweeting of the link to the download of Million Dollar Landing Page Templates. We also ask for comments on the download page so we can facilitate conversations surrounding the free downloadable.

A circulation builder email should include the following components:

-Free product promotion

-Pass-along features

-Embedded links

-Subscription admin

If you want to learn more about using email to build your circulation, register for Mequoda Pro.

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