3 Amazing Facts About Web Video

Discover why you should be using web video as you publish content online

Online video is all the rage in today’s digital world.

From video advertisements to educational video content, it’s hard to peruse the online landscape without bumping into online video content everywhere you go.

With all this growing attention, it appears online video is truly here to stay. To prove the point, I have compiled three amazing facts about online video’s current popularity.

Three facts about online video

-According to comScore, nearly 179 million Americans watched online video in June 2011. These millions of viewers watched online videos 6.2 billion times and spent an average of 16.8 hours watching online that month. These statistics were a record high for the world of online video watching.

-YouTube is the primary place online videos are viewed, as YouTube ranks as the second most popular search engine, and it focuses completely on video content.

The massive online video search engine attracted just fewer than 150 million people in June 2011. These viewers accounted for 2.31 billion viewing sessions for an average of 324.1 minutes per viewer.

-From education to advertisements, online video content is everywhere.

When it comes to the educational side of things, the Khan Academy is helping the popularity, relevance and value of online video increase through their library of over 2,400 educational web videos.

Pertaining to online video advertisements, comScore also touched on these numbers. According to comScore’s research, Americans watched 5.3 billion online video ads in June. This reach accounts for almost half of the total US population. In this scenario, each viewer experienced an average of 35.6 online video ads in June 2011.

This data is staggering to say the least. Technology has allowed for the creation, distribution and sharing of online video in an easier manner than ever before. Due to this, online video content has popped up everywhere, in many different formats valuable to online publishers and content marketers.


Web Video 101 for Publishers

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