3 Blog Types, 28 Blogging Sources

Learn to build an audience that keeps coming back

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed how an Online Market Audit helps you discover the most relevant content for your buzz posts.

Using the audit will shine light on your competition, which allows you to form relationships with others in your market or serve the community with content that the competition has neglected.

However, the buzz post is not the only aspect of a blogger’s job. Although buzz posts help build an audience through social media efforts, they lack staying power, unlike the SEO blog post.

SEO blog posts, when optimized properly, will live within search engines much longer than buzz posts. The more inbound links and traffic they receive, the higher the page ranking will become. These posts will help develop a larger audience over a longer time period.

Email blog posts are at the core of monetizing your content. Informative editorial content with in-line text ads promoting aligned products will help you increase sales. The editorial content should crystallize the value in the associated product so your audience members can’t refuse the offer.

These three blog types are only successful if you know how to properly use them.

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Blog posts within an editorial calendar

The publishing frequency of your content will depend on the competition in your market and the size of your staff. For all serious publications, we recommend a daily publishing schedule.

Each day at the Mequoda Daily, we publish an email blog post – which is also sent directly to our editorial email list – at least one SEO blog post and one buzz post.

We promote all of our articles through Twitter as soon as they publish.

Additionally, we curate articles from SIPAlert Daily and publish additional SEO blog posts when possible.

3 blog types with 28 blogging sources to become a better blogger

If the thought of publishing at least three articles a day is intimidating, our Blogging for Editors webinar is perfect for you. The program airs live today at 12:30 pm ET and contains 28 blogging sources to use as guides for creating great content.

These include:

-Magazines: Article Post, Article Review, Issue Review and Issue Excerpt
-Books: Chapter Post, Chapter Excerpt, Book Review, Book Excerpt and Author Interview
-Live Events: Event Review, Event Transcript and Event Commentary
-Media Websites: Link Review, News & Commentary and Link Roundup
-Videos: Video Post and Video Transcript
-Podcasts: Podcast Review and Podcast Transcript
-Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter and Forum Roundup
-Original Thinking: Keyword Inspiration, Personal Story and Best Practice Review

Whether you are a professional editor or a part-time blogger, if you are having trouble writing engaging content day after day, you need to attend Blogging for Editors.

If you are a seasoned veteran that hasn’t quite mastered the art of blogging yet, this 90-minute webinar will bring you up-to-date on the most current practices that are bringing success to bloggers and securing their current positions.

I’ve personally done a lot of writing in my life, but I find blogging to be the most fulfilling. When done correctly, it can build a massive online audience that is truly interested in your content. It allows for a professional, yet casual tone that helps retain audience members.

Don’t waste any more time being confused about how to go about blogging…join us today for our Blogging for Editors webinar at 12:30 pm ET and begin building more traffic today. Please be sure to register by 10 am ET to assure yourself admission.


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