3 Digital Marketing Trends

Additions for your digital marketing strategy that you can implement and test quickly

Digital marketing trends can be quite broad. Digital marketers and digital publishers are looking at a digital marketing strategy in a more complex and comprehensive manner. The goal is to create a digital experience that’s connected with the rest of your marketing activities, and addresses all of the digital marketing trends that are relevant to your brand and audience.

The concept of digital marketing trends means something different to most organizations. Some publishers are already advancing as changes develop. These early adopters diversify their marketing and product approaches to get the most from their content. Many of these companies also have significant resources.

Other companies have to be very selective with the digital marketing trends they explore and employ.

Below I’ve listed three digital marketing trends that may have significance to an array of online businesses. Can any of these strategy benefit you’re organization? Have you tried any of them already, tracking relevance as you go?

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Three digital marketing trends to consider

Digital marketing trend #1: Symbols in email subject lines – Have you received email newsletters or promotions that feature symbols in the subject line? This technique is developing as a new strategy for some major email marketers. According to Email Responsibly, the company received “mixed-to-positive results” using symbols within email subject lines. And 56 percent of the companies they analyzed experienced higher unique open rates.

If you decide to use symbols in your email newsletter or email marketing subject lines, be sure to find a symbol that fits your organization and the topic of your content. You can find a full list of symbol options here.

Digital marketing trend #2: Online-Offline Content – Having content on many platforms has made consumers want to access it online and offline. Spotify is one company that has allowed for this type of cross-platform accessibility, and they’ve become successful with the help of this approach. Can you deliver content to your audience members when they are both online and offline?

Digital marketing trend #3: Mobile – The move to mobile should be too surprising. The devices are available, millions of consumers buy them, and major Internet companies have expressed desire in focusing on mobile. In fact, two of the biggest presences online believe in a mobile focus. These two companies are Facebook and Google.

Note: Google owns YouTube. Due to its popularity online and its availability on mobile, video comes in as the runner-up for digital marketing trends.

What trends are part of your digital marketing strategy? Please share your thoughts below.


    Good blog Chris. Third trend is very impotant these days, as people opting mobile devices to access for information anywhere. There is an interesting video by Infosys BrandEdge about digital marketing. They’ve simplified the digital marketing to a great extent. Hope this might help your topic. http://bit.ly/Ob7L0r

    Stanley R.

    First of all great post.. Second you have got out great tips in the entire post. Like the concept of the subject line.. the subject line is one great thing that helps you in attracting the customers. so when sending a mail make sure that the subject line is a great so that the readers become curious in reading what the email is all about


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