3 Reasons Publishers Like Facebook

Why are you using Facebook? See if your reasons align with other publishers

It will be interesting to see what happens to Facebook now that the company has gone public. One thing that seems to be expected is that its popularity will continue to grow towards one billion members.

With this large of a fan base, it’s not surprising that brands from an array of industries want to get involved on the social network. The publishers who have taken to it are doing so for a number of reasons. Below, I’ve listed three of these reasons.

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Reason #1: More shares equals better SEO – The emphasis on social signals points to one great reason for using Facebook. A lift in search engine ranking may develop from more shares of your content.

Reason #2: Post length is longer – Originally, the length of posts on Facebook weren’t as long as they are today. Now, you can create posts with more than 60,000 characters, including status, group, and wall posts. For digital publishers, this could be a great opportunity to share a lot of content.

Reason #3: Collect email addresses – Like many publishers do with their landing pages, email addresses can be collected through Facebook in exchange for free content. As we’ve seen, Facebook is yet another way to build your email marketing lists.

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