5 Tips for Email Marketing to Mobile Device Users

Discover helpful information for communicating with a growing population

The mobile industry is booming and it isn’t expected to stop anytime soon.

A report by StrongMail titled The New Rules of Email Deliverability predicts that mobile ad spending, mobile messaging and the amount of mobile Internet users are all increasing.

The usage of mobile devices isn’t limited to ‘on the go’  either. Users are engaging online with their mobile devices from home as well.

Brands whose audience members are using mobile need to participate on the medium in order to stay relevant. Here are a handful of tips for doing so:

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#1 – Optimize your content for mobile devices. Users will not hesitate to delete any email messages that do not correlate well with mobile devices.

#2 – Add value. Mobile apps that truly help users on the go will be very valuable. Give users assistance in locating stores and getting information on products. Offering coupons through mobile is another way of enhancing your customer relationships.

#3 – Create trust. The mobile relationship is very delicate since it is still quite new. The relationship needs to be respected. If you are delivering content to users via mobile, make sure it’s valuable and time sensitive.

#4 – Test all of your mobile offerings. If your content has broken links or consistent errors, there is a good chance email subscribers will opt out of your list to avoid interacting with problematic content.

#5 – Create mobile opt-ins. This works well when there is an offer at the point of purchase in a physical location.

Have you found success with mobile campaigns? What strategies did you utilize? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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