3 Tips for Keeping Mobile Email Subscribers on Your List

If email marketers didn’t already have enough to worry about, they now have to shift focus to mobile email.

Since checking email is a habitual action, and mobile devices are available to users constantly, the use of mobile devices for email consumption has grown. So how exactly are mobile devices users interacting with email on the go?

For starters, nearly 69 percent of respondents in a new survey conducted by BlueHornet report using their mobile device to sort through emails before reading them on a PC.

This report also shares that 75 percent of email recipients will look at a brand negatively for using poorly designed email templates.

Fortunately, one saving grace for mobile email marketers is that slightly more than 50 percent of email recipients are at least somewhat likely to purchase products from their mobile device.


Next week I will be taking a deeper look at mobile email design, but for now, here are three tips for keeping mobile email subscribers on your list.

#1: If a user goes to opt-out your list, give them options. The report showed that 41 percent of consumers might stay on a list if the option to opt-down was given. For daily publishers, allowing users to opt-down into a weekly option may keep them on your list for a longer time period.

#2: Engage email subscribers early. If users are sorting through their emails on mobile, an engaging headline and pre-header text will help you make the cut.

#3: Be honest about your email marketing efforts. Relevance and frequency sit atop the list of reasons why people unsubscribe from email lists. If you begin seeing large opt-out numbers, consider your content strategy and the frequency of sending.

This information came from observations made while looking through BlueHornet’s report Consumer Views of Email Marketing. Check it out for more statistics.


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