3 Tips for Successful Email Copywriting

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Email is still a very popular online medium. It was reported recently that email usage is particularly high among social media and mobile users.

When it comes to commercial marketing communications, email is still the preferred choice throughout all age groups.

If you are offering commercial products through email and not experiencing the conversions you deserve, your email copywriting may be the issue.

Our Email Copywriting Basics free report dives into how to properly maximize your email conversions. Begin with these three tips below and continue by downloading a free digital copy of Email Copywriting Basics.

Email Copywriting Tip #1: Offer a Quick and Easy Way of Doing Something – Internet users turn to online publishers for answers to questions that are important to them. Content producers that can supply these answers effectively will build bigger audiences of dedicated members who will continue to visit your content for more answers. If you can offer a quick, simple solution, your audience will appreciate it.

Email Copywriting Tip #2: Discuss the reader’s self-interest – Why do people bother getting email newsletters? They opt into our email newsletter because the content interests them and offers them benefits. People’s time is valuable, so if you want audience members to pay attention to your content, you have to offer them information that benefits their life.

Email Copywriting Tip #3: Avoid Words that Trigger Spam Filters – Saying something is “100% Free” in a subject line is not a good idea. This statement will surely get your email put into a spam filter. It goes without saying that any email that ends up in a spam filter will not help you make a good impression with your audience or sell any products. Be careful with the words you use in subject lines. Our Email Copywriting Basics free report includes a list of spam trigger words to avoid in your email copywriting endeavors.

If your email conversion or delivery rates are not as high as you’d like, download a free digital copy of our Email Copywriting Basics free report so you can learn tips from experts on proper email copywriting.

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    Ozio M.

    Your three tips a great. First, the presentation was short, precise, and broken down for quick and easy reading. That being said – a fourth tip is style of writing. Keep readers interested without weighing them down with a long email. Secondly, a great way to entice readers to opt-in to email lists is to offer a freebie. For example, if they opt-in offer them a free report containing beneficial info, like the one you already have available on your site.

      Chris S.

      Hi Ozio Media,

      Thanks for the kind words and your contribution to the list. Offering freemiums is definitely a great way to build an audience. Offering free content in exchange for an email address has helped create mutually beneficial relationships between publisher and consumer.


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