3 Tips to Email Engagement

Don’t rely on your tried and true email marketing efforts; they won’t always work

Email marketing, like most of the digital environment, has been changing. The reputability and usage has remained high, but as Internet culture changes email marketing must also change.

Changes in email marketing and email newsletter creation began with a more social approach; email marketers added social icons to their campaigns to increase multiplatform engagement and interaction.

In addition to the social icons, here are three other suggestions for creating more engagement with your email marketing endeavors.

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Email marketing engagement tip #1: Establishing loyalty rewards – Some companies are rewarding email recipients who open emails and click certain links with discounts or free content.

Email marketing engagement tip #2: Addressing community concerns – Facilitating relationships around your community is one way to stay relevant. Some organizations focus on cause marketing, where a specific issue that affects a community is supported. Aligning with the ideals of your audience can help forge real relationships.

Email marketing engagement tip #3: Don’t neglect mobile – email and social media are two activities that mobile users engage with often. Connecting the two can maximize your efforts.

Have you been fostering more interaction with your email marketing campaigns? What techniques have you been using successfully? Please share your experiences with the community in the comments below.


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