3 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

Use different emails to relate to your customers in different ways.

The Mequoda Group is a strong advocate for the power of email. It is cheap, easy and effective at maintaining customer relationships. However, an effective email marketing campaign cannot be initiated without a plan.

If you want to maintain customer relationships, Mequoda Daily contributing editor and Clickz email marketing columnist Jeanne Jennings has a new book, The Email Marketing Campaign, that outlines three emails that will help do it.

  • Short-form Editorials – similar to the Mequoda Daily, these email are quick reads that provide a nugget of information, like a tip. They are frequently sent out to keep your business in your readers’ minds, and product promotion is always secondary to editorial content.
  • Email Newsletters – these emails are usually longer than short-form editorials and they should reveal your exceptional knowledge on the newsletter’s topic. They prove to your audience that you are an expert in the field by using facts, articles and case studies that update them on their topic. Email newsletters should also be sent out less frequently than editorials. “A monthly or twice-monthly contact schedule should work nicely,” Jennings says in her book.
  • Transaction Emails – these provide product or service-related information for customers that have made a transaction with your company. They include order confirmation emails and emails about new products or upgrades for their purchase.

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There is no “magic email” that is going to answer all of your marketing problems, but sending your customers email is a good start to an effective Internet marketing strategy. To learn other ways to encourage returning customers, check out the How to Start and Run and Effective Internet Marketing System Mequoda special report. Inside, Mequoda Managing Director and Chief Information Architect Don Nicholas will describe how to build your marketing database and use it to drive traffic to your website.


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