5 Apps Every Editor Should Have on Their iPad

Two weeks ago at the Mequoda Summit, there were more iPads floating around than there were laptops. It was only a couple years ago that our New Media Producer Patrick Hughes was the only person at the event with an iPad and it was still a novelty, lacking in any professional use.

However, it’s been some time since then, and it was evident from our many conversations about the apps that editors were using on their iPads, that it’s very much now a professional tool (and a business expense, bosses!) There’s surely a huge list of great apps that editors are using on their iPads and I invite you to share your favorites in the comments.

In the meantime, let’s get this list started with five favorites from some of our conference attendees:

FlipBook – There’s no denying that this app was the coolest thing since sliced bread when it arrived, but almost every editor we talked to noted it as one of their favorites for subscribing and digesting content while monitoring competitors. Bye-bye Google Reader, hello visualization.

Hootsuite – Considering that Hootsuite was a favorite for social media management, it comes as no surprise that this was another favorite app. With the app, you can geo-tag your posts (at events, perhaps), and do everything else you can online, include schedule tweets, post to Facebook, and examine click-through statistics.

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Evernote – For the editor on the go who picks up inspiration everywhere they go, Evernote is a must-have. Not only does the app sync on all of your devices but it makes it easy to save article clippings, photos and other things you’ll use in future blog posts.

Analytics HD – Awesome for on-the-go analytics if you’re running on Google Analytics. You’ll be able to quickly see more analytics than we’ve found on any other app, and you have the bonus of bringing full-screen graphs and charts to your audience development meetings. Want more analytics for multiple platforms? Try Ego.

Dropbox – More and more companies are using Dropbox for file-sharing internally. If your office is set up on Dropbox, someone can quickly drop a file you need on the road, right into your Dropbox. Or, if you have Dropbox set up on your home and work computer, you can keep all of your folders synced so that you can access everything regardless of where you are.

So there’s the starter list. Now it’s your turn to pitch your favorite apps in the comments!


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