5 Metrics for Email Marketing

Understanding the importance of email marketing in-person

You need to look at email metrics to develop the most beneficial email marketing strategy. Only your specific metrics will tell the story of your audience’s interaction with email content.

Along with the most popular content, you should pay close attention to  click-throughs per campaign, revenue per subscriber, revenue per m emails sent and revenue per campaign. These metrics will help you plan future email marketing campaigns.


Understanding these metrics and detailing them each quarter can help you tighten up any weak links in your email newsletters and email marketing campaigns. And that is without considering the actual design of your email pieces.

Email is alive and thriving. If you want to be the most accurate email marketer possible, you need to understand every aspect of your email endeavors.

If needed, there are numerous ways you can improve your email marketing strategy. First, you can download our free report on building email marketing lists. Next, you can browse through our categories on email marketing and email newsletters for more information on designing and optimizing your emails. Our webinars on email marketing can also come in handy for monitoring your email reputation and building your email file. Finally, you can join us at the Audience Development Summit where email marketers will divulge their strategies for email marketing success.

Originally published 1/11/2012


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