5 SEO Copywriting Posts You Should Read Again

Bringing back a few goodies to refresh your SEO Copywriting memories

At Mequoda Daily, we’re publishing up to four blogs every day and we know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that’s posted. That’s why for this post, I decided to put together a little recap of some of our most popular SEO Copywriting articles.

1. SEO Writing for Blogs and Online Articles

Use this list to optimize every new and old article or blog on your site in order to attract the most search engine traffic. In this article, we go over exactly how to SEO a single post on your blog, and the eight steps to do this successfully.

3. How to Break an SEO Keyword Phrase Copywriting Logjam

The challenges of search engine optimization add a new dimension to online copywriting. It’s not always easy to work your keyword phrases into a post or rapid conversion landing page. When you’re stuck for ideas about how to use your targeted keyword phrase, try one of these strategies to refuel your creative juices.

4. 3 Commonly Overlooked SEO Copywriting Tips

As the internet continues to evolve and its penetration into society grows deeper, the steps involved in SEO copywriting change as well. Specifications become increasingly more detailed and steps get added to the process of SEO copywriting. In this article, we outline a few steps of SEO copywriting that escape copywriters from time to time.

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5. Five Mind Traps that Can Doom Online Copywriters (and How to Liberate Yourself)

When you embrace keyword research and master SEO copywriting, you can transform yourself from search engine “victim” to Google “partner.”  Somewhere between the wrongheaded notion that “all information should be free” and the equally asinine idea that online journalism should be completely free of commercialism, a few copywriters lost their professional compass. In this article, we try to clear up any foggy thinking about the value of keyword research and SEO copywriting.

6. What Every Online Journalist Should Know About SEO Copywriting and Achieving a High Ranking in Google

Today we can say confidently, if your editorial content isn’t keyword rich and isn’t of sufficient quality to be recommended by websites, bloggers and other members of your special interest group, you won’t be found, and you won’t achieve a high page ranking. You might survive in business owing to your paid online advertising, but you won’t receive much web traffic from organic search. So, this is how online publishers and smart SEO copywriters who organize around the customer achieve the highest Google rankings.


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