5 Tips for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Take advantage of the mobile market by offering great mobile email marketing pieces

Is mobile email marketing your best chance at generating revenue on mobile devices? There’s a good chance it might be because your email subscribers are a special group of people. They’re interested in your content enough that they’re happy to hear from you via email. That’s a special relationship, particularly in today’s world of crowded inboxes.

As you may already know, the use of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – has been consistently increasing. According to Knotice, email opens on smartphones for the first half of 2012 account for 25.85 percent of all email opens. Email opens on tablets account for 10.16 percent of all email opens. PCs still account for the bulk of email opens at 63.99 percent.

These are significant numbers if you compare them to a few years back. As of Q4 2010, PCs accounted for 86.64 percent of all email opens. Smartphones were responsible for only 13.37 percent of all email opens. Tablets weren’t a factor at this time.

Is their growth in mobile usage with your audience? If so, coupling that with your already-present audience relationship can equate to huge potential. The next step is optimizing your mobile email marketing campaigns.

This article I wrote earlier this year shares tips on mobile email design. I recently came across some additional ones to add to the list. Below is a quick rundown of the tips.


How to make your mobile email marketing campaigns better

Mobile email marketing tip #1: Have clickable content up front. Whether it’s linked text or imagery, make it possible for email recipients to visit an optimized site immediately if they choose.

Mobile email marketing tip #2: Encourage your users to make email correspondence a priority by selecting the proper icon in their inbox.

Mobile email marketing tip #3: Pay attention to the size of your email header. Some headers render too large and take up too much space.

Mobile email marketing tip #4: To add on to the first tip, make sure your clickable text is above the fold because not all email recipients will have images loaded in their inbox.

Mobile email marketing tip #5: Add a contact number to the top part of your content. This allows subscribers to contact you easily.

Some of these additional mobile email marketing tips come from this article at Search Engine Watch.


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