5 Tips for Starting Online Video Endeavors

A brief guide to get you on your feet with video production

The startup costs associated with creating high-quality video are minimal, especially compared with what they once were.

Today, you can get a more than adequate video camera at a reasonable price. I wrote about a few great options in this article for the Mequoda Daily.

After having your camera selected, you will need to develop your web video strategy. Since many digital publishers are creating video for email marketing, this may be one option you want to consider. Creating video content for iBooks is another option as well.

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While shooting videos, always consider these tips:

-Keep it simple.

-Be educational and actionable.

-Be entertaining, and make the content share-worthy.

-Tie videos to existing content.

-Incorporate calls to action.

All of these tips come from our Web Video 101 for Publishers webinar, featuring Patrick Hughes, New Media Producer. This webinar contains a lot of great content for creating videos, so check it out on-demand if you have interest learning more about the topic.


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