5 Tools for Email Copywriters

Depending on your background, the switch to email copywriting can bring a few additional challenges for writers. This is the case especially if the email copy is also going on the web for search engine optimization purposes.

Beyond the points of striking an emotional connection and presenting the content with a direct response for the reader to take, you need to be using email subject lines that get opened and words that entice readers to come back for more.

Here are five tools that email copywriters can utilize to make their job a little easier:

-Email copywriting tool #1: Google Keyword Tool (GKT) helps writers discover the keyword phrases being searched for the most. Adding these keywords into copy will help directly target specific audiences.

-Email copywriting tool #2: Copyscape – helps you determine if your copy has been plagiarized by other websites on the net.

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Email copywriting tool #3: The 17 Best Email Subject Lines free report displays the best email archetypes used by email marketers to increase open rates. You can use these subject lines in correlations with the most relevant emotional responses to develop the best email marketing campaigns.

Email copywriting tool #4: Thesaurus.com is a great tool for finding synonyms and antonyms so your copy stays fresh while avoiding too much repetition.

Email copywriting tool #5: A/B testing options need to be utilized to get the most from your email subject lines. This article presents third different A/B testing tools, including some free testing options.

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