5 Ways to Drive Direct Website Traffic

Discover different opportunities for increasing website traffic through unconventional methods

Multiplatform publishers have an advantage when it comes to generating website traffic.

For instance, they can use all the digital reach they have to direct traffic back to the website while promoting through non-digital products.

Multiplatform publishing allows for a more robust content experience, as it not only provides content through an array of mediums audience members prefer, but it further promotes the overall online portal used for publishing content.

If you want to increase website traffic, try using the direct website traffic tips listed below.

Five tips for increasing direct website traffic

Direct Website Traffic Method #1: Books – If your company is producing books, you can easily send more visitors to your website by incorporating messages promoting additional content. For instance, if you are a publisher in the health food industry, and you present a chapter in your book about making fruit and vegetable smoothies, you could include a messages like the following: “For hundreds of additional recipes for healthy smoothies that offer vitamins, antioxidants and protein, head to Insert Web Address to download free recipes.”

Direct Website Traffic Method #2: Magazines – You can handle the process of building website traffic with magazines just like you did with books. Offer more content at your website on the specific topic, and promote for it within your magazine chapters. If you happen to write for magazines other than your own, use your author section to house a link to your website, where more content from you and the topics your audience enjoys will be located.

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Direct Website Traffic Method #3: Packaged Goods – While offering physical products, be sure to add your website’s URL on the products’ packaging in a visible location. If you add a call to action, and a specific reason for consumers to visit the site, there is a better chance of them doing so.

One piece of advice is to promote and direct the consumers to your free download page. The aspect of free may be enough to entice people to visit the site.

Direct Website Traffic Method #4: Live Events – If you are presenting at a live event and using a PowerPoint presentation to display the content, always include a slide that offers additional resources to people interested in the topic.

In our live events, we incorporate links to free products and articles, while displaying a list of paid webinars in Mequoda Pro that continue discussing the topic. This way, audience members have a choice between free downloadable content and enhanced content for a premium price.

Direct Website Traffic Method #5: Radio – Internet radio has become a popular audio form online. A study from April 2011 conducted by the Internet radio ad network TargetSpot reported that radio listeners are two times more likely to respond to related ads. If you include related text ads in the description of Internet radio shows and mention how listeners can receive more free content at your website, you will have a better chance of drawing those listeners to your site.

Have you tried any of these suggestions for increasing direct website traffic? Many online publishers have and noticed an increase in website traffic due to these methods.

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