6 Email Traffic Builders from the Mequoda Summit West 2012

Advanced email marketing strategies displayed through case studies will have you driving more traffic and gaining more conversions

Email list building is a main thought for digital publishers. Email allows for direct, personalized, thorough content, which can lead to sales.

Our commitment to email stems from its habitual characteristics; the majority of adults online check their email daily, and the growth in the mobile device markets have led to greater accessibility.

We designed an Email Traffic-Builder Master Class for the Mequoda Summit West 2012 to share current strategies being used by digital publishers. This master class will include sections on:

-How to use email to drive website traffic. During this section of the master class, Willie Vogt of Farm Progress will share his email strategy, which uses the short, snippet-based approach to drive website traffic.

-How to exploit customer segmentation. Here, Bob Kaslik of Interweave will discuss the steps to implementing a balanced content strategy that effectively uses editorial and promotional messages.


-How to maximize email delivery. Getting to the inbox is the most important step in email marketing. Martial Arts Daily will be used as a case study to show how they work with their email service provider to reach the inbox.

-How to optimize visitor-to-email conversion rates. Ceramic Arts Daily has made strategic, tactical, and creative changes to their site that you will learn during this section. You can then take those tips back to your webmaster, test, and implement them for your email marketing programs.

-How to build an email calendar. How is your email calendar currently set up? Is it aligned with products that generate revenue for your organization? During this section you will learn how to develop a more profitable product-centric email strategy.

-How to encourage consumer spending. Johns Hopkins Health Alerts focuses their email newsletters on the products that sell the best. Discover the best practices they use during this case study.

Friday, March 16 marks the end of early bird pricing for the Mequoda Summit West 2012. Register today and save.


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