6 Great Ideas for Podcast Creation

Podcasting (both audio and video) is one of the Internet’s biggest new media trends – how can you start utilizing it?

If you are already offering online video, it’s practically a no-brainer to offer those videos as podcasts for your users. If you’re recording interviews, why not offer audio podcasts as well?

If you’re not doing either of the two items above and you’re one of many publishers that are not currently distributing their content on these new media platforms, you may find it more of a struggle to decide how to take advantage of podcasting.

If you are one of these publishers, you might try a few of these podcast creation ideas on for size:

  • Audio conference recordings (for sale)
  • Video tutorials (for sale or free)
  • Interviews (for free)
  • Best headlines from the day or week (for free)
  • Video travel guides (for sale or free)
  • Author and editor bios and introductions (for free)

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Podcasting can be a great way of reaching your audience members through a medium other than the written word. In addition to being a viable promotional method, podcast creation often time serves as an educational tool. To begin podcasting, many small business owners and individuals will utilize free online podcast creation tools like Audacity of PodOMatic. These free pieces of software will give new users the chance to experience the medium before deciding to pay for any other software.

According to a survey done in July 2010 by UK radio industry research firm RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research), “15% of the adult 15+ population have downloaded a podcast. Almost half (47%) of podcast users claim to listen to podcasts at least once a week but only 25% of users find the time to listen to all the podcasts they download.”

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