A Checklist for Marketing to Millennials

Six elements of engagement for better content marketing to a very important demographic

The American writer Carl Sandburg once said, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” In today’s digital world, many Internet marketers and audience development professionals would paraphrase this differently by saying: “Nothing happens unless engagement exists.”

That’s what we are all looking for online – engaged audiences who will contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship. We, as digital publishers, develop an audience by providing the information they want, through a multiplatform approach. Our audiences then have the choice to support us further, through spending money with us, if they like the content we offer.

The transformation to digital has been confusing to some online business owners. Many do not understand how to communicate with demographics that grew up with the Internet. Since engagement is the focus for digital publishers, let’s take a look at six elements of engagement, presented by Razorfish Liminal.

Elements of audience engagement for content marketing to millennials

Content marketing to millennials tip #1: Value – Who doesn’t want to be feel appreciated? When consumers spend money with your company, they want to know you value their business. Help make this known by offering appreciate campaigns. This could be as simple as a “thank you” email or a discount for future purchases.

Content marketing to millennials tip #2: Efficiency – No one wants to waste time, especially when they are spending money in the process too. Make Internet activities easier for audience members, including signing up for content updates and finding content within your site.

Content marketing to millennials tip #3: Trust – An interesting quote from Razorfish’s survey states, “I’ll take chances with [trusting a company] so long as I’m sure they are there for me to correct any problems.” Online businesses need to be transparent, and willing to help their customers if they want to keep them engaged.

Content marketing to millennials tip #4: Consistency – Your most devout audience members will realize it if you present conflicting messages or policies. Staying consistent helps lead to elevated levels of trust.

Content marketing to millennials tip #5: Relevance – Create high-quality content that aligns with your audience’s needs. Stay up-to-date with industry news, and don’t deviate from the practices that you’ve used as a publisher.

Content marketing to millennials tip #6: Control – In today’s connected world, the consumer has a lot of power. They have the ability to control conversations and relationships. Realize this, and show your audience members that you recognize this too.

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