A Keyword Strategy You Can Rely On

The most relevant keywords may change, but our step-by-step process remains the same

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed using Google Insight for Search as an assistant for continual keyword research.

If you are familiar with Google Insight for Search, you know that it can help you find the keywords that resonate the best with your audience.

Google Insight for Search is just one tool for assistance with keyword research. A few weeks back we published an article that included a few more tools that help you find related keywords and the search volumes of these keyword phrases.

Keyword tools are obviously very helpful to online editors, writers and audience development professionals. However, beyond tools, a proven strategy for executing, tracking and analyzing your keyword clusters will help you increase visibility, traffic and conversions. This keyword strategy, presented in a step-by-step manner, will be the focus on today’s live 90-minute webinar Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011.

What you will discover during Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011…

This interactive program consists of five modules taught in a step-by-step manner. These modules include:

Keyword Research Module #1: Explore Keyword Universe – Whether you have a keyword universe already in use, or you’re new to the project, it’s important to begin by exploring possibilities. What are your main website topics? Are they accurately covered? Do these main topics align with your product sales or sponsorship strategy?

Beyond your specific keyword universe, you’ll see the big picture of the online environment by discovering competition and the amount of searches being conducted on your keyword phrases.

Keyword Research Module #2: Research Keyword Popularity – This module dives into the Google Keyword Tool and presents instructions on how to accurately use it to find the popularity of your keywords. Knowing this will help you target the best possible keywords.

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Keyword Research Module #3: Differentiate Keyword Competition – During this module, you will learn how to use the Google search engine to determine keyword competition on your terms. These statistics will allow you to differentiate keywords between supply, demand and exact searches being conducted by your audience members.

Keyword Research Module #4: Organize Keyword Research – For reporting and tracking purposes, you will want your keywords organized in a manageable way. During this module, you will discover how to build out your Google Visibility Report through the use of importing keyword clusters into your keyword universe.

Keyword Research Module #5: Track Your Results – Do you know how visible your content is in search engines? This module will teach you how to track results through Google and Advanced Web Ranking.

Register for the Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 webinar now if…

You are an online editor, writer, content marketer or publisher looking to expand your audience development efforts.

Your website traffic is lacking due to a poor keyword strategy or the lack of a keyword universe.

You are not tracking and monitoring the success behind the visibility of your keyword phrases.

Keyword phrases help you understand your audience better, serve them content they want and make long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Register now for our Keyword Research Step-by-Step 2011 webinar and put yourself on the road to a successful keyword strategy.


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