A ‘No-Brainer’ for Becoming a Better Blogger That Many Writers Forget

Insight from Amanda MacArthur, the speaker of our upcoming Blogging for Editors webinar

In Mequoda Daily yesterday, we discussed the three master blog types all bloggers should be using within their editorial calendar.

The main reason to use three primary blog types is that each serves a different, but extremely important role in content creation:

-SEO blog posts serve as organic marketing methods to help your content get found long after the original posting.

-Email blog posts help inform audience members about solutions to their problems and how they can be achieved with specific products.

-Buzz blog posts help your audience members stay current with the latest information affecting your community. They also serve as great social media fodder.

To elaborate on these topics, I asked Amanda MacArthur, the speaker for our Blogging for Editors webinar, to share her insight on the three primary blog types.

Amanda’s thoughts:

SEO, Email and Buzz posts have very different goals, so they do the best for their own intentions.

Email posts are excellent at maintaining the connection between you and your audience. You get extra “shares” because it’s posted both online and via email and tend to be the most in-depth and conversational.

Buzz posts are better at getting a quick spike in traffic. Controversial posts can lead to heated conversations in your comments, while well-timed Buzz posts can generate lots of inbound links.

SEO posts are successful at keeping long-tail traffic coming, long after a buzz-worthy headline has expired. They tend to be evergreen and lack in the Buzz department as well as in length, like Email posts usually succeed with.

As the managing editor at the Mequoda Daily, I am very familiar with Amanda’s content. Her fluent, educational, yet-friendly writing tone has been a source of inspiration for me. I’ve read many of Amanda’s posts, which brings me to a commonly overlooked tip for becoming a better blogger.


This scenario began as I asked Amanda for tips I could share with you about becoming a better blogger.

Amanda’s thoughts:

If you want to be a better blogger, you should be reading more blogs. With social media, you can become a so-called “expert” just by using social media on a daily basis. The same can be said for blogging. The more blogs you read, the more styles you’ll identify and you’ll see what kinds of blogs attract your own attention.

I’d recommend keeping an archive of links for your favorite articles and blog headlines that you can refer to later. Unlike the printed page, bloggers need to write in a format that’s easier to consume. Short paragraphs, lists, photos and easily skimmable content is easier to read, passed on and link to. People watch TV for lengthy entertainment. They watch YouTube for quick laughs and how-to’s. The same goes for blogging. People read magazines and books when they have more time to kill. They read blogs when they want an answer quickly.

To become a better blogger…read more blogs – a concept so simplistic that it’s often times overlooked. Regardless of its simplicity, it is incredibly true.

To learn more from Amanda on how to become a better blogger, join us for our Blogging for Editors webinar on February 22nd.


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