A Suggestion on Email Newsletter Best Practices

Relying on social engagement to retain email subscribers

In the days of dial up, I dreamed of a social Internet. I wanted to form relationships with like-minded people – people that didn’t live in the same town, state or country as me.

Now that opportunity exists to some degree. People can virtually meet people who share the same interests, regardless of their geographical locations.

There is an email newsletter tip, which may become an email newsletter best practice. This tip was recently mentioned on BtoBonline.com, and connects email and social media very well.

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This strategy suggests sending an email to users who download free reports. This email would contain a link to social media outlets, where the subscriber could continue the conversation or add their insight to the topic.

The email correspondence doesn’t have to end there either. It could be continued with another email, suggesting additional aligned content. This strategy keeps the potential engagement level high, and it’s done so at the beginning of the relationship, when the subscriber is already highly engaged.

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Are you combining social media and email to create a hybrid email newsletter strategy? Please share your thoughts below.


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