Annual SEO Keyword Benchmark Study

By now, the savviest online publishers understand the need for a thorough keyword universe. Although it is time consuming to create such a document, the rewards are great, as it provides the ability to target keyword phrases that matches your content with what audience members are searching for.

The Keyword Benchmark Study is available to Mequoda Gold Members. This report, delivered as a Google Visibility Report, sizes your online market and provides an index of your Google Visibility.

The GVR documents all of your keyword phrases and allows your team to target and track your SEO keyword phrases. The GVI shows you where you rank on your most important keyword phrases, taking competition and search volume into consideration.

The Keyword Benchmark Study ultimately helps in planning, measuring and managing your keyword universe. If you’d like to know more about this service, please contact Kim Mateus, via email or phone (401-253-0401).


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