Are You Targeting the Most Popular Online Activities?

“Nearly universal” activities for adults include search and email

With all the changes that take place in the digital landscape, some activities have remained popular throughout the years, even as new technology emerges.

Not to say that new technology doesn’t excite users, but some activities have evolved to become habitual.

According to a new study from Pew Internet & American Life Project, search and email continue to be the most popular online activities with adults. Both search and email are used by 92% of adults online.

The Pew Internet Project has been tracking these types of statistics for nearly a decade now. Throughout this time, search and email have been ranked as the most popular online activities.


As a recent article presenting an overview of Pew’s new report states, “Even as early as 2002, more than eight in ten adults were using search engines, and more than nine in ten online adults were emailing. The numbers associated with search engine use and gone up since that time, and email has seemed to stay the same…and that was nine years ago.

What’s even more important to content marketers and online publishers is the change in these activities. Search and email have become habitual for online adults, as 61% use email daily and 59% use search engines daily.

Taking advantage of search and email

Even with technological evolution online, email and search have remained as constant popular activities. Therefore, these activities need to be a priority for online publishers.

For email, publishers and content marketers should focus on:

-Designing and testing email templates

-Activities that help build your email file (SEO campaigns, social media, conversion architecture, etc.)

-Practice email copywriting and test different headlines.

-Monitor your open rate, click through rate and the net growth of your list.

For search, publishers and content marketers should focus on:

-Search engine optimization for your website.

-SEO copywriting and SEO campaign management to promote your content organically.

-Other methods for sharing your content that will help your organic listings.

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