Audience Development Tools for Online Efficiency

Do your audience development tools help produce a more effective workload?

If social media has become a significant part of your audience development efforts, here are three tools that can help you find audience members, competitors, and conversations easier on Twitter.

Audience Development Tool #1: TweetCharts. Amanda MacArthur wrote a comprehensive article on what to expect while using TweetCharts. This audience development tool allows you to enter hashtags or keywords in order to find the top content and users associated with it. In many cases you will find conversations where users are seeking answers to their pressing questions.

Audience Development Tool #1: TwitterWonk. This audience development tool for social media helps you find the best people to follow and create relationships with. The tool’s functionality searches the bios of Twitter users for specific keyword phrases that you input. What can be better than building a Twitter audience based on your most important keywords?

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Audience Development Tool #3: Advanced Twitter Search. Similar to the above tools, you can use Advanced Twitter Search to find people by location, keyword phrases or hashtags.

Finally, there is the Audience Development Analytics Suite. This tool is part of Mequoda’s Audience Development Consulting Program, which contains five reporting tools for audience development professionals. These reports supply actual data to publishers based on the traffic that comes to their website. In turn, publishers can better manage the workload and focus of their employees. The five reports in this Audience Development Analytics Suite include:

– Google Visibility Report (GVR)

– Keyword Performance Report

– Content Performance Report

– Traffic Source Report

– Inbound Link Report

For more information on the Audience Development Consulting Program, take a look at its brochure.


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