Audience Development Upgrade Easy as 1-2-3

New workshop, new needs analysis, new analytics suite and consulting program

It’s been said that it may be hard to remember that the original goal was to drain the swamp, when you’re up to your ass in alligators. The process of building website traffic is complex and varied. There are day-to-day responsibilities, analytics everywhere, conflicting priorities, and more to do then any team can ever hope to accomplish.

With that perspective in mind, about six months ago we set out to overhaul our audience development consulting program. In the process we’ve created not only a new consulting program that is even more analytically driven, but we’ve also added a new one-day audience development workshop, and a new one-day audience development needs analysis program. If you’re already one of our 23 consulting clients, this should sound familiar. If you’re not, we’d be happy to chat about how any or all of the three might help you meet your audience development goals.

New audience development workshop

We’ve created a new one-day workshop designed to guide audience development professionals, writers, editors and marketers in the art of organic audience development. The program focuses on search engine optimization including research, content development, audience outreach, and reporting. In one day, we will share a time-tested program that will empower you and your team to increase your website visibility, drive qualified traffic, and build a loyal audience.

“The Google Visibility Report (GVR) has been instrumental in bringing to light the high search volume areas we need to emphasize. It allows us to track our visibility and performance over time and identify areas of opportunity. The GVR model developed by Mequoda is an invaluable tool that resonates beyond the Audience Development team-extending to editorial, marketing, and eCommerce alike.”

-Danielle Werbick
Director of Online Marketing

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New audience development needs analysis program

My mentor, John Klingel, taught me the art of needs analysis back in the days of print circulation, direct mail, insert cards, agents and renewals. This new program is its 21st-century descendent. Using Google Analytics and our suite of reporting tools, we will analyze your current website traffic sources and performance. Then we will benchmark those results against other websites in your competitive set, and our benchmark set.

We’ll arrive at your office ready for a rousing one-day program that will begin with an overview of the sources other websites are using to drive traffic, a deep dive into the current successes and failures of your program with the goal of creating an immediate action list of five to 10 activities that will increase your website traffic. Finally, we also address longer-term needs that might involve updating your website, creating new types of content, and increasing your audience development team resources.

“The entire Mequoda team has been a valuable partner for both of our online publishing divisions. They provide valuable analytics and keyword guidance at a reasonable price, but more importantly, they regularly act as a guide and sounding board for our various strategies and tactics. Both of our free content sites grew ten-fold over two years as a result.”

-Phil Ash
Publisher and

Upgraded gold member consulting program with ADAS

Back in 2007, we had the good sense to start documenting all the research and results that surrounded our search engine optimization consulting program.

Our Google Visibility Report has since become the backbone of our audience development program and perhaps the most valuable tool and audience development professional could ask for. Our analytics team has taken the GVR to a whole new level by adding a suite of new reports that dive down into keyword performance, content performance, link performance and traffic trend analysis.

Our new Audience Development Analytics Suite has met with rave reviews from our current clients, and we are now prepared to roll it out to new clients as we begin the audience development consulting process. In addition to our analytics suite, this program offers you a monthly meeting with me and our analytics manager to guide your organic audience development efforts, unlimited access to our online training library, unlimited tickets to eight new live webinar training programs each year, and an invitation for two members of your team to attend each of our sem-iannual best idea programs. Finally, you get unlimited access to your analytics manager for phone and e-mail support related to your Audience Development Analytics Suite.

“The Gold Member Consulting Program has proven invaluable. Over the past 12 months, using insights and method we’ve learned from the program, we’ve tripled organic search traffic for our largest web property and experienced a ten-fold increase in organic traffic for all of our web properties combined.”

-Stuart Hockwert
Chief Executive Officer
Prime Publishing

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3

If any or all of the above sounds like it might be what you’ve been looking for, contact us via e-mail or phone (508.435.1008) for a no obligation conversation about your audience development needs.


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