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Author Rank is Real & May Go Public Soon

Author Rank

via Search Engine Land

While at SMX Expo, Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts confirmed that Google does have some form of Author Rank. Shocker? We think not.

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land writes, “It is specifically used within the in-depth articles system to determine which articles to show in the In-Depth articles section.”

Schwartz also expects that we should see Author Rank roll out in a new algorithm update very soon. Schwartz adds that it, “takes into account authority of an author and then gives higher rankings to the content written by a more respected and authoritative author.”

What makes a more respected and authoritative author? Judging by the way results are already sorted by how many people authors have in their Google+ “circles,” that’s a good place to start.

To read more about Author Rank, visit Search Engine Land.


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