Benchmarking Your Twitter Program

At the Digital Publishing Bootcamp, we will be discussing Twitter and publishers’ interactions with the social networking tool.

The workshop is designed to show how Twitter can be a phenomenal tool for driving website traffic, engaging in conversations, and establishing credibility within your market.

Beyond the best-in-class techniques being used by practitioners for building a follower base, you’ll acquire a deeper understanding of Twitter.


You will learn how to write tweets optimized for your keywords to maximize sharing. The different types of tweets will be discussed so you can test which works best for your audience. For instance, does tweeting the headline of an article get more clicks than excerpting a statement from the article itself? Does your audience respond better to questions being asked?

Beyond the Twitter strategies, there is the chance to benchmark your activities against those being used by top publishers. And even if these publishers are much larger entities, the strategies used to build their following can be related directly to your publication.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Digital Publishing Bootcamp, do so now to receive early bird pricing.


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