Build a Bigger Audience with Twitter Lists

Tips for getting listed and finding relevant lists on Twitter

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed the power of using Twitter Lists.

In summation, the main reason for using Twitter Lists is to make your Twitter activity more efficient. By filtering with lists, you can track the messages of valuable resources without seeing too much clutter.

Another main point discussed in yesterday’s article involves the ability to create lists you can recommend to readers. This is a very easy way of helping your audience by providing Twitter accounts that may interest them. You will also be creating more of your own publishable content in the process.

Now that you understand why Twitter Lists are helpful, and how you can create lists, let’s discuss how you can get on lists.

Getting listed

Being on a Twitter List will help audience members find you more easily. To get on relevant Twitter Lists, use Twibes.

At the site, enter in the topic you want to be listed for. If there is already a list or twibe on that topic, you will be able to see it, the members on the list and the recent post activity. If there isn’t a list already created on your topic of interest, you can create one.

After visiting the specific twibe, you will be able to tell almost immediately if those members share core interests.

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How to Find Lists

Another resource for finding relevant Twitter Lists is Listorious. As you enter the site, you will see a search bar.

All you have to do is enter the topic you’re interested in. You will then generate lists and people that have your topic in common.

Twitter for Editors

Utilizing Twitter Lists, whether listing yourself or looking for like-minded audience members, will help you build a bigger audience of people to interact with on Twitter.

If you are a Twitter pro, you may be able to get these people to follow you back. At that time, your Twitter activities may draw them back to your website, where you can attempt to turn them into registered members or customers.

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