Build Emails the Right Way with This Plug-in

Contextually, how would you define a well-crafted email newsletter?

Personally, I’d say it has to have catchy snippets, be skimmable, include valuable information, direct users to social networks, and present related products. These characteristics provide a content-rich email newsletter for recipients, and ways to generate revenue for publishers.

However, when it comes to the creation of email newsletters, the “right” way to do it is the most efficient manner that presents the best design.

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The right way for some digital publishers includes utilizing the Mequoda Email Builder for WordPress sites. This plug-in allows email marketers to efficiently build email newsletters for daily and weekly templates based on WordPress components, including ads and posts.

All the operator was to do is create an email subject line for the campaign. Once this is done, and all the necessary components have been defined, the email management system will grab the HTML and mail the campaign accordingly.

This custom Mequoda Email Builder WordPress plug-in is only available to Mequoda consulting clients. To discuss consulting options, contact Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401.


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