Learn How to Make Millions with a Content-Driven Website

Dear Publishing Professional,

You may never be Rupert Murdoch.

But you could become Consumer Reports, Morningstar, Meredith or any of the many publishers who are currently making millions from their content on the Internet by attending Mequoda’s Internet Marketing Intensive this January in New York City.

Picture this:

A special-interest B2C publisher now uses the Internet as its primary source of new magazine subscriptions sales.

A large B2B publisher now uses the Internet to drive more than half its revenue selling subscriptions to six paid content websites.

A major university now routinely sells out its adult education events using the Internet as its primary marketing channel.

What do all these content producers have in common that you’re missing?

They know that today’s wealthy and successful publishers are using the Internet to sell information content. And they all use a deceptively simple two-step program that many people call the Mequoda Method. This low-cost, high-efficiency system allows content producers, publishers, and marketers to sell subscriptions, books, videos, courses, and events using a simple content-driven website and email marketing program.

If you’re a publisher, author, content creator or video producer … if you have existing content products that are already generating revenue but you want more … you could become the Rupert Murdoch of your niche in just two years. How? By doing what all those successful publishers I mentioned have already done: They attended a two-and-a-half-day program that we call the Internet Marketing Intensive.

The Internet Marketing Intensive was the first step for these publishers on the path to mastering the Mequoda Method and making millions – even tens of millions – online.

“We used the Mequoda Method to dramatically increase website traffic and advertising revenue.”

Stuart Hochwert
Prime Publishing

You may have heard our method for success called the Agora Method, or the Rodale Method, or any number of other names. Maybe you looked into it and couldn’t figure out on your own exactly how they’re generating 20-50% of their revenues online.

But if you’ve ever subscribed to a free email newsletter, clicked on a link and bought a product, you’ve experienced the “method.” The question is, do you know how to get all your potential customers to subscribe, click and buy from you? If not, why don’t you find out how to do it from us?

Mequoda didn’t invent this method for making millions with digital content. But we’ve quantified it, tested it, and made it foolproof for publishers all over the world who are now selling products by the thousands.

Eight strategies, nine skills and millions of dollars

There’s nothing proprietary about the Mequoda Method for making millions. There’s no software you have to buy. You only have to learn the eight strategies and nine skills that we’ve identified as crucial to success, and soon you’ll be generating revenues beyond your wildest imagination. Warning: Failure to master any one of these strategies and skills could result in an underperforming or even money-losing business … not something we wish on any publisher.

That’s why we’ve spent years testing every aspect of the Mequoda Method and turned our knowledge into a comprehensive, proven, user-friendly system. We’ve toured the globe delivering the Mequoda Method at private and public sessions, and our clients and attendees are always thrilled when they master the strategies and skills we teach.

“We’ve rebuilt our entire online presence around the Mequoda Method.”

Phil Ash
Investing Daily

Mequoda Method Strategy #1: Choose the right revenue models

Sponsor-driven, ad-driven or a hybrid? Did you even give this critical question any thought? Or did you just jump headfirst into digital publishing and hope for the best? If so, you could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. And until you understand which model is right for your business, you can’t advance to Strategy #2 (create your digital content master plan), or #3 (choose audience development sources), or … well, let me just say that mastering our proven strategies can make you a very happy publisher.

Are you prepared to start making millions right now? No? That’s because the techniques are simple, but the execution is complex. We’ve seen far too many publishers try to go it alone, cherry-picking some of our strategies and skills, and failing from lack of understanding, discipline or resources.

Mequoda Method Strategy #4: Define your website’s functionality

When you learn the Mequoda Method for designing your website, you never have to guess. We’ve eliminated the stress and deliver a user-friendly map so you can get your profitable website up and running faster than you ever thought possible.

“We use the Mequoda Method to sell out our executive education programs.”

Gail Odeneal
Director of Marketing, Program on Negotiation
Harvard Law School

Mequoda will teach you our method for successful online publishing in just two and a half days. Again, we haven’t invented this highly successful system for online content marketing – but we are the acknowledged public authority and the only company that can teach you the secrets in just days, leaving you with a complete blueprint you can take home and implement immediately for profit!

Of course, not everyone will get the most out of the program. We don’t promise that we’ll create fantastic products for you. We don’t promise to make you a publisher from scratch. I would never make such an outlandish promise. We will, however, show you how to make the most of the great content you already have and sell it online in multitudes.

In fact, if you’re already generating at least $1 million in revenue online, we guarantee that you’ll increase your annual revenues by 20% – that’s right, $200,000 more – within 24 months. If not, we’ll cheerfully refund the entire cost of your Intensive registration!

“We’ve used the Mequoda Method to build the world’s largest Spanish-language health care website.”

Carl Kravetz
Publisher & Executive Director
Vida y Salud

Mequoda Method Strategy #5: Plan your system infrastructure

Which software should you use? Which CMS program? We don’t decide for you – we teach you how to decide. That takes the stress and mystery out of the entire process for you.

Mequoda Method Strategies #6-#8: Keyword, Contact, People and Measurement

I can’t stress enough how important these strategies are. And our entire program is dedicated not to creating these strategies for your organization, but teaching you how to do it yourself. Once you’ve mastered all eight – plus those nine skills – you’ll be on your way to making millions more online than you ever thought possible.

If this all sounds a bit abstract, let me highlight a few more details of our program for you. I’ve already mentioned the eight strategies we’ll teach you. And as I said, we’ve also identified specific skills you must master to become a millionaire on the Internet …

These skills will make you millions

29 Ways to Increase Organic Website Traffic

If you build a website, will they come? Not by accident, they won’t. The core of the Mequoda Method is driving traffic to your site, and in particular, doing it without paid advertising. Most publishers would be profoundly grateful for just a fraction of the users we can drive to their sites using our method. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is and how many new visitors you’ll see once you implement this program for yourself.

SEO Keyword Research: Step by Step

While others are still tentatively dipping their toes into keyword research, Mequoda has turned it into a scientific process, which we’ll share with you. You get every step we take, examples of spreadsheets we use, and the benefit of knowing your new visitors are qualified, excited prospects for your products.

Designing Websites that Work

There’s so much more to designing a profitable website than choosing colors. In this session, you’ll get the tricks we use to make the process much simpler than you’d imagine, from choosing a business model to the latest in responsive website design. You can get your new or improved website up and running profitably in no time after mastering this skill.

Breakthrough Online Copywriting

Many copywriters simply don’t understand the elements that create great sales letters, emails and ads in the new world of digital marketing, not to mention the all-important SEO techniques that complicate your world. Take home a blockbuster sales letter you can use as a template to sell, sell, sell every product you’ve got to offer!

“We’ve used the Mequoda Method to sell thousands of books, videos, and subscriptions.”

Sherman Hall
Managing Director
American Ceramics Society

SEO Campaign Management

Making money by giving away content? Whoever heard of such a thing! But it’s true, and we’ve got the happy clients and Intensive graduates to prove it. You get a step-by-step process for a complete SEO marketing campaign that’s driven not by expensive ads or pay-per-clicks, but by organic marketing.

SEO Blogging: Using Content to Sell

If your editors and writers are overwhelmed by their new responsibilities on top of actually creating content, this is the skill they must learn. We’ll show you how to organize and streamline the workflow, and discuss what goes into effective blogs and social media. You’ll be able to completely reorganize your editorial workflow and start driving more traffic than ever once you master this skill!

SEO & Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be overwhelming. Do you have any idea which metrics should matter to you, and how to efficiently use this tool to generate traffic and revenue? We’ll show you every step required to be an online publishing powerhouse and take the mystery out of Google Analytics. And you take home the spreadsheets and the proven techniques that will supercharge your organic marketing efforts.

Business Plan Development

Now that you’ve mastered all these skills, you still have to know how to make sense of the big picture. We deliver a time-tested business plan that has been used to successfully raise millions of dollars. You can use this business plan format to rally the troops, gain executive support, and when necessary, raise capital for your digital publishing business.

How to Conduct a Digital Publishing Audit

This workshop delivers a quantifiable methodology, or scorecard, for auditing your current market position. The audit shows, at a very high level, the direct impact that marketing and resource decisions have on market share. By analyzing scorecard data, you can identify high- and underperforming areas and make better resource allocation decisions.

Digital publishing and marketing from A to Z

I’d bet good money that you’ve been to quite a few huge conferences in the publishing industry. You have to cherry-pick a session on email subject lines here, another on social media there. None of them work together, and you have no idea once you get home how you’ll implement any of it.

I hate when that happens.

That’s why the Intensive is structured to not only teach exactly the steps you need to make millions, but to teach them in a sensible order so you know exactly how to implement the program. We take you step by step through marketing your products as successfully as some of the big players who have learned the system from us: players like …

  • America’s Test Kitchen

  • Crain Communications

  • PennWell Publishing

  • Reader’s Digest Association

  • Real Simple

  • Taunton Press

  • The Motley Fool

  • Yankee Publishing

… to name just a few.

And unlike all those other conferences, the Internet Marketing Intensive is an intimate event, strictly limited to 42 attendees in order to allow maximum interaction with instructors and peers, and ensure that all questions are answered. We even include a roundtable Q&A the morning after each full day, so you can follow up on any issues you’ve pondered overnight.

No other conference or instructional course offers this kind of one-to-one relationships with instructors!

Of course you may not want to increase your million-dollar revenue by 20% in two years. But if you do, I urge you to attend the Intensive this January so that by January 2015, you’ll have increased revenues by $200,000 or more!

In fact, I’ll even promise you this. If you attend the Intensive and decide at the end that you haven’t learned exactly what you need to increase your revenues exponentially, I’ll refund your registration cost immediately.

“If you want to make more money online — listen to Mequoda.”

Chuck McCullagh

Former Senior Vice President

Magazine Publishers of America

To sum up: A complete system for success and my money-back guarantee

So that’s it. You get a guaranteed method for making millions as a digital publisher. And you get it in just two and a half days, all in amazing New York City. No other instructor or consultant makes an offer like that, or ever will. Remember, Mequoda has taught this method to dozens of publishers who use it every day to make millions online! We’ve taught it all around the world, and we have more than 57,000 subscribers, fans and followers globally. And we’ve had more than 80,000 downloads of our free reports, handbooks and guides.

So don’t be left out of Mequoda’s tested and proven program for profitability! Join us this January for the Internet Marketing Intensive and join the ranks of millionaire publishers!

Best regards,

Don Nicholas

CEO & Lead Instructor

Mequoda Group

PS: If you’re still not sure you should join us, please email our Training Services Manager or call her at (774) 261-3842 for more information.

PPS: Need more? Feel free to email our Member Services Manager or call her (617) 886-5177) to schedule a 30-minute phone conversation with me about your needs, how to apply the Mequoda Method to your organization, and the value you’ll gain by attending this very special event.


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