The 10 Best Content Marketing Podcasts for Editors and Magazine Marketers

How to become a better content marketer, editor, and writer by listening to these content marketing podcasts

content marketing podcasts

The first time I knew people listened to podcasts in their free time was back in 2007-ish when I went to an event called PodCamp, and while it wasn’t solely focused on podcasting, there was an abundance of fans there. Podcasting has a culture, and it’s been behind the scenes lurking in the background for nearly a decade, so there’s a devoted niche of people who listen to podcasts frequently, and higher education institutions like MIT have seen this niche and are investing heavily in podcast development.

In early 2016, after Slate decided to start an entire podcasting arm of their business, Chief Content Officer at Slate, Andy Bowers told FIPP, “When we began podcasting at Slate ten years ago, we quickly found that it was one of the signature things the magazine did. The listeners, while not as numerous as Slate’s readership, were fiercely loyal and engaged, and came back week after week to spend time with our hosts.” And through their new podcast business, Panopoly, they create podcasts for other publishers, too.

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Even though they had a big boom in the mid 2000’s, then a slow crawl to 2017, podcasts are now back to the top of listening activities by users. Many magazines and newspapers have their own podcasts, like The Economist Radio, which covers individual stories in their magazine, and also new issue highlights. You’ll find podcasts like Rolling Stone Music Now, which are sometimes sponsored by advertisers like Mercedes-Benz and Real Simple’s weekly podcast which features tips and interviews from the editors and writers of the magazine.

And if you’re in content, you’re in content marketing. You may consider listening to other publisher podcasts to get a feel for what they’re doing (that’s step one), but it’s also a great idea to find podcasts of your own to listen to. Here’s a list of some great content marketing podcasts for editors and magazine marketers.

10 content marketing podcasts you should listen to

content marketing podcasts

1. PNR: This Old Marketing

Every week, Content Marketing Institute’s founder Joe Pulizzi and Chief Content Strategist, Robert Rose talk about everything that’s happening in content marketing, often including content marketing tests and results.

2. Content Inc

Also with Joe Pulizzi is Content Inc, a much shorter podcast that’s usually less than 15 minutes and focuses entirely on how to create better free content so that people want to buy your products.

3. Social Media Marketing

Michael Stelzner, author of one of our favorite books to share, Writing White Papers, and also the founder of  Social Media Examiner, uses this podcast to focus on social media in the podcast. He interviews other experts and tackles everything from tips for Twitter, Facebook, and a little dabble into SEO.

4. Longform

This intriguing weekly podcast interviews different non-fiction writers and editors, and is built on stories and teaching listeners how to become better storytellers. It’s great for anyone who’s in the trenches of writing, because it comes with advice and tips for getting over editorial humps.

5. The Lede

Every week, Sonia Simone from Copyblogger goes over blogging and copywriting tips. She tackles topics like writing headlines and blog posts, but also dabbles in news that applies to digital writers, and has different monthly “challenges”.

6. The Writer Files

An interesting podcast from Kelton Reid that tries to analyze the habits of successful writers in order divulge the secrets of being more productive, organized, and interesting as a writer.

7. Marketing Over Coffee

One of my favorite podcasts is with Chris Penn, who I met at that aforementioned 2007 Podcamp. He’s been in this game for some time. Although his podcast can get techie, he always divulges cool new tools for marketing and interviews fascinating people that will help you improve your content marketing game.

8. The Art of Paid Traffic

Beyond content marketing, you may be spending your time with paid media. If you are, this is a great podcast with Rick Mulready that covers paid content promotion, social media advertising, and reaching customers beyond organic methods.

9. Digiday Podcast

It’s probably fair to say that most of us in the magazine industry spend some time with Digiday to keep up to date with what’s happening in our industry. This podcast with Editor-in-Chief, Brian Morrissey features interviews with executives about audience development and content strategy.

10. Content Matters

This monthly podcast with Barry Feldman and Andy Crestodina is about a half-hour long and tackles all the different ways to make great content. Recent episodes include topics like how to edit copy, infographics, and SEO.

What other podcasts would you add to the mix? Leave a comment below.


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