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Creating Copy for Email Lifecycle Marketing

As email campaigns evolve, email marketers need to evolve as well

How you run email campaigns dictate your organizations success.

Everyday I notice emails that come to my inbox. Most of them have subject lines that do not elicit any amount of excitement. I never open these messages.

The few that I do open attract my attention. I open them and take a look around. These emails connect with me because it feels as if the sender actually knows me.

Of course, the sender doesn’t know me personally, but the organization is smart enough to track the purchases I make so they can ask me for my opinion on the products and send me related offers.

Understanding the purchasing actions of your audience members and developing a stronger community is the goal of lifecycle email marketing.

Do you know what types of emails to use in the lifecycle process? Do you have the right copy to engage the audience appropriately? If you are uneducated on lifecycle email marketing, and need assistance with creating copy for your efforts, content Kim Mateus via email or by phone at 401-293-0401 to discuss consulting options.

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