Cross Platform Consideration for Email and Mobile

Where is the future of email marketing headed?

It would seem natural that two popular mediums should integrate well.

First, let’s look at email and social media. Some companies have integrated these two; which has allowed audience members to choose their desired method for consuming content. One strategy to get audience members to use both email and social media is to offer some content only through one of the mediums. For instance, we offered a free report on Facebook Marketing to Facebook users who liked the page. We promote this opportunity through out email list.

Now, consider social media and mobile. It seems logical to create mobile apps for smartphones so users can interact with social media on the go. Publishers have been pushing content through social media to take advantage of this opportunity.

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More recently, email and mobile have come into the mix. Email marketing continues to be popular, in part, because people are checking email while they are on their smartphones.

I recently read about a partnership between Constant Contact and Magmito, which allows business to create mobile apps for email marketing campaigns. The content offered ranges from product promotions to weekly specials and can include rich media like video, images, and maps.

Mobile apps that leverage email marketing campaigns and help promote products in unique manners is the direction email marketers are headed.

Would you consider using email marketing apps to better reach your audience via mobile? Please put your thoughts in the comments below.


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