Data Collected on the Internet Usage of Women

See what is receiving women’s attention online

Yahoo and research firm Added Value partnered together to survey 3,000 women in the US. The study has been labeled as “Women Connectonomics” and examines the usage of the Internet by women: how they use it and why.

Some interesting highlights from the survey include:

-Personal growth is most important to women. Interdependency on others in their social circle is next in line of importance.

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-Information on products and brands for women occupy 44% of what women pay attention to online.

-75.8% of women online visited a social networking site in May of 2010. This is more than men, with only 69.7% of men visiting a social networking site during the same time frame.

There is more useful information found within this survey. If you want to learn more about this demographic, it’s worth taking a look at this article to do so.


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