Digital Native Survey – Video Watching Habits [Video]

The Internet has changed how media is consumed. This is especially true for Digital Native – people who have grown up with the Internet in their lives.

How do the habits of Digital Natives affect media companies? Our Digital Native Survey was designed to highlight the activities of digital natives so online publishers can get a better understanding of this key demographic.

The following clip from our Digital Native Survey addresses the questions:

“How often do you watch online video vs. broadcast television?”

“What type of videos do you watch most on YouTube?”

The answers to both of these questions are interesting because they address the consumption of online video, a medium that has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. The responses show how some viewers prefer online video over broadcast, and gives some insight on the popularity of YouTube, a website that can drive more website traffic to publishers’ websites.

Watch this video clip now to understand the video consumption habits of digital natives better.


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