Discover the 10 Habits of Highly Effective Twitter Accounts

The largest publisher Twitter accounts today are the ones who didn’t wait for someone to give them the “go ahead”—they just dove into it. The New York Times boasts the biggest Twitter following of any publisher on Twitter and has been tweeting since March 2007, less than a year after Twitter launched.

Let’s be honest, email marketing is far from dead, but there is still a considerable amount of people who prefer RSS feeds to read content, especially when they read a lot of blogs.

You can re-capture these busy-bees through Twitter, where it only requires 140 characters to push a message, and a few seconds to read it.

Take your email copywriting skills, and put them towards writing eye-capturing headlines that link back to your blog and product promotions. As with any medium, FREE is a fast-moving buzzword, but on Twitter it can spread like wildfire.

Download a FREE copy of Best Email Subject Lines for Selling Premium Subscriptions and Memberships and discover an extensive list of email subject line frameworks that are consistently proven to sell and boost revenue for publishers.

Sending out a promotion for a free webinar or special report on Twitter can take all of a minute to write, and be instantly published and passed on to tens of thousands, even millions of people within the hour.

Twitter makes it incredibly easy for people to re-tweet content. If you thought your “forward to a friend” link in your email newsletter was powerful, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

During our custom online Twitter for Editors training program, we will show you how to write better tweets, converse with followers in a more meaningful way and track your time to make sure it’s being well spent. We’ll begin with the most important elements of a successful social media policy and go on to display the 10 habits of highly successful publisher Twitter accounts.

If you’d like to train your staff on the best practices in social media, or would like to schedule a WebEx that addresses questions specific to your online publishing company, please contact Kim Mateus, via email or phone (401) 293-0401.


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