Discover Who’s Abandoned Your Twitter List

Watching your follower count doesn’t have to be painful.

Everyone has good days and bad days on Twitter, particularly when it comes to follower numbers. Some days the number will rise, other days it will fall, and sometimes it will stay the same.

On the days when you watch the numbers fall, what do you do? Do you panic? Do you get worried that this will be a consistent experience, and that perhaps your Twitter activity isn’t exactly what your audience is looking for? Before you jump to any conclusions, it’s worth considering the situation. For instance, sometimes drops happen. Not everyone will always want to stay on your list. It may be a personal issue on their side.

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Or maybe the people who dropped off your list are bots that serve no purpose to you.

In the end, what you really want to know is if you are losing thought leaders from your list.

Qwitter can help you in this process. This free tool shows you who unfollowed you on Twitter and sends a weekly email with the pertinent information.

If you are curious about your list activity, give Qwitter a try now.


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